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“We do not support, tolerate, or agree with the white supremacist language attributed to Mr. Welton.”

In a recent article, HuffPost Claims Benjamin Welton, a local elementary school teacher and a graduate student at Boston University, has posted a white supremacist book on the web.

HuffPost writer Christopher Matthias said Welton has many online pseudonyms such as “Sinclair Jenkins,” “Elias Kingston,” and “Jake Bowyer,” such as the American Renaissance and VDare. He said it was also associated with blogs and articles about white nationalist sites. As a social media tweet or comment. He also wrote extensively as a “creepy nationalist.”

Welton taught English, Social Studies and Computer Science last year at the Star Academy in Boston, an elementary school for talented and talented children.

Star Academy directors Larisa Bankkovsky and Margarita Druker told that Welton had taken a vacation so that the school could conduct an internal investigation as soon as it knew the information. Welton did not contact the students after they noticed and wrote that “Welton will not return to the Star Academy.”

“The authorities were shocked by the disturbing posts and other publications on social media that reporters claimed to have been created by one of our teachers, Benjamin Welton,” they write. “These statements allegedly made by Mr. Welton were previously unidentifiable and were posted or published under a pseudonym that did not belong to him.”

Bankovsky and Druker said all employers have undergone background checks on criminals and sex offenders and closely monitor how the curriculum is taught in class.

“We do not endorse, tolerate, or agree with the white supremacist language attributed to Mr. Welton,” they wrote.

According to a HuffPost article, Wellton studies and teaches as a PhD student at Boston University’s School of History. The university did not respond to’s request for comment on what Welton learned and taught.Student profile Seems to have been deleted From the history department’s website, a Google preview shows that he joined the department in 2015.

Boston University seems to have deleted his student profile, but a June 2020 snapshot from Wayback Machine shows Benjamin Welton’s graduate student profile on the History Department page. A Google search also shows the beginning of his profile, but links to a blank page.

BU spokesman Colin Riley said: Boston Globe Wellton was trying to get a PhD in history, but is no longer enrolled in the program.

According to Wharton Amazon Author Biography – He publishes poetry, criminal novels and essays – he holds a bachelor’s degree in English and history from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Vermont. Worked in the US Navy Reserve.

The University of Vermont did not respond to a pre-publication request for comment on

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