Huge Colorado water fight canceled as Pueblo West shortages intensify – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2022-05-25 08:00:58 –

Colorado’s massively beloved water battle was canceled after local leaders in the unincorporated Pueblo West calculated that an estimated 56,252 toilet flushing-equivalent events would be wasted. ..

This annual Pueblo West July 4th Independence Day Wet Parade In the past, it attracted up to 18,000 participants and helped local businesses — clashing with growing needs for water conservation, town officials decided at a meeting on Monday night.

Board members of the Pueblo West Metro District also impose water restriction on 33,000 residents in response to dry times and inadequate supply.

Pueblo West has been operating with a water shortage of approximately 1,100 acre feet (1 acre-foot = 325,851 gallons) each year over the past two years, coupled with “explosive growth” in the amount of water needed from the Twin Lakes Mountains reservoirs and other sources. .. For years, Jeffrey Deherera, Deputy Director of Utilities, told board members. “That means using more than we bring in,” De Herrera said at the conference. “And this year’s deficit can exceed 1,100 acre feet.”

The town’s website advertises the parade as America’s largest naval battle west of the Mississippi River. It features a truck-mounted water blaster and a widespread splash of delight along Joe Martinez Boulevard.

However, utility staff calculated that each participant was likely to spray 5 gallons of water, approximately 90,000 gallons in total. This is about the same as washing 56,252 toilets.

President Kim Sweringen has issued a statement that district officials are planning another type of July 4th event. “We continue to listen to both citizens who are worried about wasting water for the wet parade and those who have enjoyed traditional celebrations. We balance the two needs and ourselves. We will hold the event on July 4th, taking responsibility for the amount of water used and being aware of the amount of water consumed. “

Over the years, Pueblo West leaders have driven population growth, and since 2000 the population has nearly doubled beyond what the available water can sustain.

The Pueblo West website still contains appeals to new commercial and industrial companies and lists dozens of properties available for development. However, March board members set a limit on water taps for new home construction, 400 this year and next, and 100 in 2024.

Huge Colorado water fight canceled as Pueblo West shortages intensify Source link Huge Colorado water fight canceled as Pueblo West shortages intensify

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