Huge dip in temperatures, heat ramps back up – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-06-21 08:22:42 –

Over the last 12 hours, there have been multiple thunderstorm waves across KS. Earlier this morning, a line of heavy thunderstorms moved south of KS, causing torrential rains. There were also frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. Although very noisy, these storms were not serious, but could have caused water to build up on local roads.

This first strong wave will eventually be pushed east / southeast as the morning progresses.

As the cold front finally passes through the area, showers and thunderstorms scattered throughout the state need to be addressed.

After a very dry and hot week, many were able to take advantage of the rain. Once the front has passed completely, the afternoon highs work well only in the mid-to-first half of the 70’s.

This is a welcome change from nearly 100 on Sunday. Most of us need to dry late in the morning and at lunch time. Clouds decrease throughout the day, but winds stay outside N / NE from 10 to 20 mph. In North Central, Kansas, a drifting pop-up storm can occur later in the day.

This cold front will remain a little on Tuesday, with sunshine and the mid-1980s. Dry air is also placed so the humidity does not get too high. Our winds shift south and begin to intensify on Tuesday afternoon, becoming quite strong at 15-25 mph. This southward stream backs us up to high temperatures.

By mid-week it will be back in the 90’s and by Thursday it will be close to 100 from the late 90’s. The next few days before the possibility of rain and storms return on Friday are relatively dry stretches. For now, another cold front seems to help with a little relief on the weekend, but there is also the possibility of a storm. The pattern looks a bit volatile later in the week, so for now we’ll keep the possibility of a little rain until next Monday.

Huge dip in temperatures, heat ramps back up Source link Huge dip in temperatures, heat ramps back up

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