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During my high school days growing up in Lafayette, some small warts occurred on my hands. These weren’t noticed by casual observers, but they were annoying to me and I wanted them to be removed.

I remember trying the advertised drugstore product first. This included tapping a small amount of ointment on each for several days. It worked sporadically, but if the wart disappears, it always reappears within a month or two. This lasted for a year.

Finally, I asked my doctor to burn or freeze them, whatever the process at the time. This also worked, but unfortunately the fix was temporary. Like the ointment, it reappeared after a few weeks. Some trips to doctors were made to get rid of them, but it was always useless as they were always back. Medication treatment and doctor appointments did not work.

At dinner one evening, my mother said, “I’ll see if I can find a caterer.”

When I asked what it was, she showed that it was someone from South Louisiana practicing a form of natural healing. She admitted she didn’t know more, but she said she was worth a try.

In the weeks that followed, my mother contacted friends and neighbors. Finally, one afternoon, when I got home from school, she found a traitor, and she said the woman would meet us that day.

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We drove to her house. She lived near the Nona Theater, one of the single-screen theaters of her time gone by. Lafayette had several other theaters at the time, such as The Pat and Jefferson (who always had cats roaming the lobby and brushing up on shop patrons). They all disappeared and were replaced by the Multiplex Entertainment Center.

An elderly and kind caterer welcomed us at her front door and welcomed us to her house. She immediately set about her work and asked me to count her warts. Then she asked me to reach out to her. She closed her eyes and held my hand for about 20 seconds, then told me she would disappear in 30 days. She believed it. I told her I did, but I must have had some doubts!

She didn’t accept the payment and we left shortly thereafter. But a week later, her parents and I brought her a platter of mottled trout fillets from the success of her fishing trip in Vermilion Bay. She was very happy with her smile.

I think the caterer is gone — and like my parents, I’m here to tell you that all the warts have disappeared and never returned within 30 days.

Posted by: Andrew Gates Barry

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Human Condition: Traiteur gets rid of warts and accepts no payment | Entertainment/Life Source link Human Condition: Traiteur gets rid of warts and accepts no payment | Entertainment/Life

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