Human damage caused by witnesses

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Bystander smartphone video Darnera Frazier a year ago The George Floyd murder has provided strong evidence of racism and police atrocities. Telephone and social media are also helping people empower people to talk and draw more attention to the abuse of black Americans.

But Alyssa V. Richardson, A professor of journalism and communications at the University of Southern California, says this is enough.

Floyd’s death-like videos Eric Garner Although important legal and historical records remain in 2014, according to Dr. Richardson, these videos can repeatedly expose crime victims, their families and witnesses to the worst moments. And they can make it appear that black Americans need to provide evidence to believe in racist violence.

“The general public no longer needs these videos,” said Dr. Richardson. “They belong to the family and jury territory.”

Technology puts people in the hands of witnesses, strong responsibilities, and tools to better understand our world. Dr. Richardson wants to balance these benefits with the costs of what happens to those involved after the recording is over. Talking to her broadened my thinking. I hope her comments will help you as well.

Dr. Richardson who wrote this book “Black Witness Witness” Put a video of a bystander of modern police violence in a historical context. She said black Americans have a long track record of imposing racist violence awareness. Ida B. Wells’s description of Lynch, Mamie Till Moblies Sticking to showing the public the dismembered bodies of her son and the beatings of civil rights marchers In Selma, Alabama., 1965.

But in the past, Dr. Richardson said that black Americans may be able to choose for themselves whether or not to make their story public and how to tell it. That control is now more elusive. George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, written The story of seeing his brother die thousands of times last year. Frasier And Ramsey AlterFilming a video of Garner’s death, he talks about the sacrifices the experience has made to them.

And Dr. Richardson said that photos and videos of violent attacks, mainly against white Americans, 2017 mass shootings in Las Vegas, Normally never plays in an infinite loop. She also said that a video of police violence against black Americans creates a cruel feedback loop in which future victims are expected to provide a visual record of violence against them.

“How many times do people need to see the same thing repeated?” Dr. Richardson said.

We cannot ignore the benefits of technology that allow people to show their perspective to the world. But we cannot overlook the unintended consequences of life, especially when our darkest moments are too public.

Recently, Michigan judge Jeffrey Middleton said Lamented and attracted attention No one asked the accused or the victim of the crime if they would like to participate in publicly webcast court proceedings. “Some of these have become embarrassing. Probably humiliating, “Judge Middleton Said last month.

I asked Dr. Richardson what to do to mitigate the damage of violent video.She wrote The press should not show videos of people’s deaths without the permission of their families and should be more careful about how often images of racist violence appear.

For the general public, she suggested rethinking watching and sharing videos of violence against black Americans, promoting police reform legislation and supporting candidates in favor of the policy. It may be more productive to take actions such as doing.

Dr. Richardson told me about the bystander video. “In the first place, we should question the system that requires records.”

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Human damage caused by witnesses

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