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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-09-13 22:59:01 –

Waverly, Tennessee (WTVF) — Residents of Humphreys County, who have been denied federal assistance, are urged not to give up on FEMA.

According to FEMA spokesman Darrell Habisch, many people were denied help after the flood three weeks ago, but help is probably still available.

People are often rejected because organizations need more information about their claims to determine how much assistance is appropriate.

“It’s a government, it’s not easy. Stay there and keep your faith,” Habish said.

Habisch estimates that up to 50% of people were rejected on their first bill. However, the appeal process can still make money for a person. Sometimes people will mistakenly write the wrong information.

“We have a mission to be good tax managers. That sounds trivial, but it’s true. Everything is documented,” says Habish.

Kenneth Piltor is a Waverly man who has severely damaged two homes in the flood. He has been approved for some FEMA assistance, but would like to sue some of his personal belongings destroyed.

“Go back online and reapply,” says Pirtle. “Anyone who has received government support understands that this is not the first time. Sue and get it back. It’s there. The support is there.”

Others don’t understand much. Local lawyer Scott Daniel said the application process was too complicated.

“I know this catastrophe happened here, but I don’t know why FEMA isn’t here to explain the process, so it won’t be rejected for the first time,” Daniel said. I am.

FEMA has a temporary office in Waverly. It is located behind the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the middle of the town.

Mr Habish said the office would stay there until the state no longer needed it.

Humphreys County flood victims urged not to give up on FEMA Source link Humphreys County flood victims urged not to give up on FEMA

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