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Reading takes you on a journey full of new words. “It doesn’t have to be about a particular subject that someone tells you, this is what reading looks like,” said Reading Seed Program Director Lisa Omera.

The program through Literacy Connects wants to open up a new world for young readers. “We are serious about helping children develop their reader identity and the confidence they need to build a good relationship with reading,” said O’Meara. I am.

O’Meara further states that it is important to show that students’ literacy skills come in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a traditional book or a graphic novel. “It’s really about taking their interests and passions and revealing to them that there is a whole world available to them if they follow them through the book,” Omera said.

Hundreds of volunteers teach children in schools throughout Tucson. “Our affiliated school teachers showcase the children who are most likely to benefit from actually attending the program,” says Omeara. After that, students from kindergarten to the second grade will be paired. As a leading seed volunteer, take your books home.

“We offer choices based on their interests, but they can decide which books to bring home, and often my brother will say he loves Batman. I can take the book home and read it, Mr. Omeara said, “It’s important to read about your family.” “What volunteers can do is focus on the individual strengths and interests of each child and use it as a guide to how to run the session. With each child,” Omera said.

These sessions were a challenge during the pandemic. “The biggest challenge is that all the schools we work with are title 1. Therefore, they have the majority of free and discounted lunch rates. Many of those families have We didn’t have access to the technology we needed to get involved, “says Omera.

The program is currently in rebuild mode. “We are aiming to return to school in the fall,” Omera said. Volunteers like Eric Van Meter will be back in the classroom in August. He said they were looking forward to sitting with the children and providing encouragement.

“Some of them already love books, others can read them. Others, as you know, barely open books in their lives. It may be, it’s everywhere on the map, “Van Meter said.

The mission of volunteers is to focus on and build on each student’s strengths.

“It’s not the way most of us go through the world. So that we don’t go through the world already looking for the good and the right. So just change my point of view without worrying about problems. It’s been a kind of weekly detox, “Van Meter said.

Keep your worries away and find a way. “There is always a way to be with your child. There is always a way to make your child more comfortable and confident,” Van Meter said. Observing the progress of each student is the best part. “It’s amazing to see how some of these kids change, even in just a few weeks,” Van Meter said.

Literacy Connects is looking for more volunteers for the Reading Seed program. click here For more information.

Hundreds of volunteers get ready to head back to Tucson schools to encourage kids to read Source link Hundreds of volunteers get ready to head back to Tucson schools to encourage kids to read

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