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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-11-22 19:48:51 –

When Massachusetts hit another milestone on Sunday and the state passed 200,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, hundreds of people would be tested for COVID-19 in Salem prior to Thanksgiving holidays. I waited.

Despite being encouraged not to travel or get together to celebrate, the demand for testing has increased significantly prior to Thursday’s holidays.

About 700 Salem residents came out for a free test on Sunday. There, some people were waiting at Salem Willows for over an hour.

The drive-up site is open Tuesday from 8am to 3pm. Residents do not have to have viral symptoms, but must show evidence of Salem residence.

Salem also has two additional test sites. One is in the Old Town Hall and the other is in High School.

“It’s huge. I waited two hours in high school Salem last week,” said Lee Fanuf, who lives in Salem.

Due to high demand, the city decided to open a third site in Salem Willows just before Thanksgiving.

Salem COVID coordinator Kimberly Waller said people are pleased that they couldn’t turn their backs on Sunday given the overwhelming closure of the entire state.

“I think people are happy that they aren’t turned back.” Waller said, “We will not turn our backs, take everyone and attack about 700 people.” Said. “We’ve put this together because the lines are overwhelmingly closed across the state. In the last few days, we’ll just add another three days of testing.”

The city says it is trying to make the test available to anyone who wants it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people not to meet for Thanksgiving, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says the same, even if people do negative tests.

Dr. Mark Seedner of the Infectious Diseases Department at Massachusetts General Hospital warns that traveling during a pandemic is at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus during this holiday season.

Hundreds Wait in Line Ahead of Thanksgiving – NECN Source link Hundreds Wait in Line Ahead of Thanksgiving – NECN

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