Hungarian classrooms have become a new battlefield for the war against the “LGBT ideology” | Mark Geviser

LHungarian Parliament Building this week Banned homosexual and transgender depictions Underage, teaching materials, or on TV. Adding this to the law protecting children from child abuse, the President of the State, Viktor Orbán, drew a clear relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia. In doing so, he relied on Canard, which much of the world has long let go of, but it enjoys a nasty new emergence in the global battle against “gender ideology”: homosexuals and trance. The dangers that gender people pose to their children.

“Government logic is to find an enemy and pretend they are saving the country from this enemy,” said Hungarian LGBTQ + leader Tamás Dombos. presentation To the US Congress last week. Dombås described the new law as a “conscious and demonic political strategy” by the government to distract the public from the nasty response to the Covid crisis. The law is also a salvo in upcoming tough elections,Pink line“: In this case, the border of immigration exclusion that protects Hungarian” values ​​”from immoral imperialism. George Soros And Brussels.

Thus, Hungarian law reflects what Vladimir Putin did when he used Russia’s Anti-Homosexuality Act to counter the growing opposition of the city to bidding for the third presidential term. I will.It also sets the Hungarian repeat scene Andrzej Duda’s campaign in Poland Last year, I attacked the “LGBT ideology”. Ironically, these “anti-western” politicians are using playbooks developed in the United States by Anita Bryant’s 1977 “Save Our Children” campaign in Florida. ..Long before Russia and Hungary, the British government of Margaret Thatcher passed Section 28, Ban on homosexual “promotion” at school. It was abolished only in England and Wales in 2003. In the United States, “no promotion homo” legislation is still on the books in four southern states.Recently, two states, Arizona and Tennessee, are approaching. Restrict access to student information About sexual orientation and gender identity.

On the other hand, in Brazil, the president Jair BolsonaroPromised to remove the word “gender” and the story of homosexuality or transgender from the curriculum.There are attempts to do so legally Over 100 Brazilian jurisdictions, And the Supreme Court has already ruled against these eleven, but the process continues unabated.

In Africa, some countries United Nations Approved Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Because of the lively opposition from the right wing. For Ghana’s 2020 campaign, the religious lobby said it was “Comprehensive devil education– Primarily because it allegedly promoted LGBTQ + rights. The fear and hatred that arose in this debate fueled the crackdown on the country. The first LGBTQ community center closed Earlier this year.The 21 young people who participated in the paralegal training event “Arrested for advocating LGBTQ activities“Last month.

A similar anti-CSE campaign has been successful in Zambia and is taking root in populated areas. Ethiopia,Also. Similar to Latin American and Eastern European campaigns, these campaigns used materials and tactics generated by the US “Relatives” movement, primarily Family Watch International (FWI) and World Meeting of Families (WCF). Based in Arizona, where they led anti-LGBTQ + education campaigns, FWI has especially empowered campaigns in Ghana and Ethiopia.

In the Catholic world, these campaigns intersect with conservative organizations such as: Opus Dei, And more recently, with Ordo Iuris, an influential organization of Polish Catholic lawyers. University of Warsaw As a clear counterweight to George Soros’ Central European University. Eastern European conservatives claim to have launched a counterattack against leftist legitimacy about gender and homosexuality. This is equivalent to the communist idealism, as Hungarian Victor Orban often does.

As early as 1995, American religious conservatives came to Moscow to hatch WCF with orthodox activists seeking political traction in post-communist Russia. Russian members of WCF played an important role in selling anti-homosexual propaganda ideas to politicians. The final meeting of 2017 was hosted by the Hungarian government Orban himself opened.. Hungarian activists have no doubt that the legislation passed this week came from these global ties. The reasons why these campaigns are so similar and potentially effective around the world, as Dombos states, are: They are afraid of children. People want the best for their kids, so if you’re telling them, “These monster trans freaks will turn your kids into transgender you never recognize.” Resonates with this.

poll It shows that the majority of Hungarians support LGBTQ + rights, and that those who oppose same-sex marriage slightly outnumber those who do.This is why the Hungarian ruling Fidesz party has tagged homosexuality as pedophilia under the new law, six months after it banned adoption of children. People other than heterosexual couples.. By outlawing legal transsexuals, we now have a clear desire to cause moral panics for children.

In recent years, right-wing conservatives and their populist allies have caused such panics around the world. I saw the destructive power of this with a Russian transgender woman. Lost all access to her son The judge knew she would “promote homosexuality” to him. From the rise of homophobic violence in Brazil to the ongoing murder pogrom against homosexuals in Chechnya, there is also clear evidence of how this connection fosters violence.

But even if Hungarian law is part of this trend, it sets a shocking new precedent. In recent years, there has been a movement of right-wing activists to depersonalize hatred through the talk of “gender ideology” and “LGBT ideology,” especially as gay people become more accepted. However, Hungarian law cruelly points its blades directly at the real people by equating them with child abusers in the wording of the law itself.

Anita Bryant’s attempt to do this in Florida in 1977 played a major role in mobilizing the American gay rights movement of the era and generated widespread support for gay people. The same thing can happen now and must happen. Hungary And worldwide.

Mark Gevisser is the author of The Pink Line: The World’s Queer Frontiers.

Hungarian classrooms have become a new battlefield for the war against the “LGBT ideology” | Mark Geviser

Source link Hungarian classrooms have become a new battlefield for the war against the “LGBT ideology” | Mark Geviser

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