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Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden’s son Hunter puts a new spotlight on questions about his financial transactions that he plagued his father’s campaign on Wednesday, and he conducted a federal investigation of his taxes. Said to be facing.

Federal agents issued a series of subpoenas, including Hunter Biden, on Tuesday, according to those familiar with the investigation, which spoke on anonymous terms to discuss the ongoing investigation. The tax audit is focused on his commerce, he said.

According to another person familiar with the matter, the Justice Department’s investigation into the possibility of tax evasion crimes took place at least a year before President Biden announced his candidacy. Investigators did not contact a few weeks ago due to the Justice Department’s policy surrounding the election, which bans explicit investigative activity.

President Hunter Biden said in a statement released by the presidential election transition bureau that he learned of the investigation on Tuesday but did not provide details on what was being scrutinized.

“I take this issue very seriously, but by considering these issues professionally and objectively, I have treated my work legally and appropriately, including the interests of a professional tax accountant. I’m sure we can prove that, “he said in a statement.

He has long been the target of President Donald Trump and his allies, and has accused him of benefiting from his political ties. Trump and his supporters are also accused of unfounded corruption related to Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine when his father was Vice President and led the Obama administration’s dealings with Eastern European countries. Was raised.

Disclosure of a federal investigation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Delaware comes at a difficult moment for the next president-elect assembling the cabinet. His Attorney General election could monitor the investigation of the new president’s son if Biden was still in progress when he swore on January 20.

“President Biden is very proud of his son, who has overcome difficult challenges such as malicious personal attacks in recent months,” the transition team said in a statement.

Biden’s second son has previously been involved in a controversy. While his father was Vice President, Hunter joined the Navy Reserve to leave the hospital after being tested positive for cocaine in his system, later revealing a long-standing struggle with addiction. did.

He also joined the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company Brisma in 2014, raising concerns about the perception of conflicts of interest given that Elder Biden was deeply involved in US policy towards Ukraine. A Republican-led Senate survey did not identify policies that were directly affected by Hunter Biden’s work.

A few weeks before the election, Trump supporters took advantage of the presence of laptops they said were connected to Hunter Biden and the emergence of someone who claimed to have had a deal with him. I asked about Biden’s knowledge of his son’s activities in Ukraine. And China. The president-elect said he had not discussed his son’s dealings with international business and denied that he had received any money from abroad.

The laptop was released in October when the New York Post reported an email from Hunter Biden’s laptop and received it from Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Another person familiar with the matter told AP that the tax audit had nothing to do with laptops.

People had knowledge of the investigation, but were not allowed to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

In an interview with CNN last week, President Biden talked about the commerce of his son Hunter and his brother and promised to avoid any conflicts of interest that were perceived during his tenure.

“My son, my family, will not be involved in any business, conflicting, or seemingly conflicting company, given the appropriate distance from the president or government,” Biden said. ..


Remia reported from Wilmington, Delaware. Washington Associated Press writer Sieg Miller contributed to this report.

Hunter Biden facing federal investigation into his taxes – Twin Cities Source link Hunter Biden facing federal investigation into his taxes – Twin Cities

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