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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-16 03:31:40 –

Ukafuna Bluff, the summit of a cliff at the top of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, is open to the public.

The Crater Rim Drive and half-mile Wekahuna Bluff parking lots west of Kilauea have also reopened. In addition, a half-mile section of the trail connecting the Namakani Paio Campground and Ukahuna with a public toilet near the former Jaguar Museum grounds was reopened this morning.

“We are very pleased to bring the community and visitors back to one of the most notable and respected places in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Uēkahuna,” said Rhonda Loh. “Data from multiple post-disaster assessments show that the area does not pose an imminent risk as long as people stay on the sidewalk and away from the edge of the cliff. We will closely monitor and respond to changes as needed. “

Uēkahuna was closed in 2018 when magma spilled from the crater of the summit, Halemaʻumaʻu, causing months of repeated earthquakes, damaging ash clouds and eventually collapsing Kilauea summit. It was. Part of the Crater Rim Drive fell into the crater, severely damaging park buildings, roads and infrastructure. Park officials say the 2018 volcanic event is Hawaii’s most devastating for at least two centuries.

As the landscape changed due to the 2018 volcanic eruption, the landscape seen in Ukafuna also changed. From the cliffs, hikers can see huge crevices that cut through the floor of the crater, a newly exposed yellow sulfur bank to the east, and a crevice that is now Halemaumau.

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Beyond the steaming crater Cal Appele, you can see the faded centerline from the fallen road. On a clear day, you can see the slopes of Mauna Loa.

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The National Park Service has made great efforts to ensure that trails and Ukafuna can be safely reopened. Workers installed stanchions and cable railings between Kīlauea Overlook, west of the former Jaggar Museum, to keep people away from dangers such as undercut edges, soil cracks and sinkholes, and to conserve resources.

Voids and cracks have been repaired and fences keep access to the currently closed Jaggar Museum area. Safety signs indicate closed areas, toilets, signs, and some trails are lit to assist with night visits. The NPS also installed a crack monitor between Kīlauea Overlook and Uēkahuna to identify changes that indicate instability.

Native Hawaiians came to Uēkahuna long before the park was established to connect to their ancestral homes. Respect others and enable them to practice their traditions personally.

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