Hyde Park councilors want better data collection amid a surge in coronavirus near Boston – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-18 17:31:42 –

The coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire in Hyde Park, and local city council members say he knows little about why.

“It shows what that steady rise is, but we really don’t know,” resentful city councilman Ricardo Arroyo told Herald, more powerful from those who tested positive. I asked for data collection. “It’s really frustrating — we really just allow it to happen.”

Arroyo, a freshman councilor who chairs the body’s public health committee, represents the area with the highest current positive test rates in the city by a considerable margin. Hyde Park’s 7-day average positive test rate was 10.5% as of last week, the latest data available. The next highest was the northern half of Dorchester, with zip codes around Upham’s Corner and Globe Hall, with a rate of 8.9%. Mattapan was the only other to exceed 7% at 7.3%, and East Boston, a descendant of uncontrollable Boston infection rates, dropped to 5.4%. The proportion of the city as a whole, which is steadily rising, is only 4.5%, raising concerns.

But Arroyo isn’t sure why Boston’s annexation of Hyde Park in 1912, the same time Fenway Park was built, is causing such a surge in the city’s latest land additions. It states that it is not. More than 37,000 neighborhoods are less crowded, and the center of Hyde Park in the exurbs is eight miles south of Boston City Hall, surrounded by wooded cemeteries, golf courses, and the Neponset River.

Arroyo said no one was telling him about the cluster from a particular rally, so the state needs to require a wider range of questions to identify what is causing the incident.

“We really have to expand on the kind of questions we were asking,” Arroyo said. “There is a real lack of data collection, not just gender, age, race, etc. Are you an essential worker? Are you relying on public transport? This is the data we need, but I don’t. “

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