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If you have a list of the most unusual product placements, prepare a pencil. Ford announced this week that it will partner with Nabisco to print. Limited run pack On the surface, the Oreo Thins cookies, labeled as if they were Ford Maverick’s owner’s manual, camouflage them so that no one but the intended snack shop can eat them. The concept is tortured and relies on anecdotes about the Maverick design team’s love for Oreo. But everyone knows that you need a hiding place only if you are a double stuff.

This week’s sheet metal

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We have seen first 2022 F1 race carThe ground effect (the tunnel underneath the car used to generate downforce) for the first time in decades, along with other changes aimed at minimizing the eddy vortices that follow the current model. )Use the.

Born in 2019 as the Aston Martin Valkyrie concept, the car is now in production in the following ways: Valhalla.. It will replace the concept-suggested hybrid V-6 with a 937-horsepower 4.0-liter AMG source twin-turbo V-8, which is expected to cost $ 800,000 instead of the initial estimate of $ 1.3 million. .. But don’t get too excited. Delivery is still at least two years away.

Hyundai Check details About Elantra N expected in the United States next year. It has the same turbocharged 2.0 liters found on the Velostar N and Kona N. The Elantra N has 286 horsepower and an aggressive and angled design.Also this week, Hyundai announced that it will do Abandon non-N variants Anyway, the 2022 Velostar who pretended they did since the N was released.

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As EV sales begin to increase, the EV startup market is creating an endless stream of seemingly strange high horsepower concepts.This week, a Detroit-based startup called Heracles showed off its 1000-horsepower EV pickup concept. Designed by Pininfarina, It says it will be available next year. VinFast, Vietnam’s first car company — another partner of Pininfarina —Announced plan Enter the US market selling electric crossovers by March 2022.And Pininfarina has its own EV concept Strange missile-like theoremHowever, Teorema may not be successful unless another company signs on to manufacture and sell the car.

But the people at Lordstown Motors seem to be learning new things every day, so the car company doesn’t have a sophisticated design and a big Disclosure company The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating issues related to the merger that went public last year and the order it once claimed, but admits it is no longer binding. The company has already stated that a similar issue is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. EV truck maker Rivian ran into a much smaller obstacle this week when it was announced. Delay delivery Of that R1T truck until September. They were previously scheduled to begin shipping this month.

Global supply chain disruption, continuation

Various car companies and industry analysts say there is a shortage of microchips disrupting production schedules for months Start to relax Later this year. But now that the second half of this year is here, we are beginning to understand the difference between “beginning to relax” and “solving completely.”Volkswagen said it this week Still thinking Chip shortage will improve by the end of the year, but GM announced New downtime Nissan is associated with a chip shortage at five plants Altima sedanFord is reportedly considering transporting vehicles lacking microchips to dealers.The plan isn’t final, but it’s one strategy that Ford has in mind to empty. Own storage lotCurrently, tens of thousands of unfinished cars and trucks are packed.


Okay, I haven’t read it, but we think you should Watch the trailer for Stuntman, A documentary from Disney about Eddie Brown, a stuntman chasing his last great feat. The movie will be streamed on July 23rd.

Read about Zipper merge And the fools who oppose it New York Times..

Or, if you’re biased towards the rich genre of fleeing justice, check out Carlos Ghosn’s Interview with the BBC, He details how he fled from Japan to Lebanon in a box that was inside a private jet.

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Hyundai Elantra N and other tip news

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