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Universities are known as a time of change in student life. For Patrick Hodson, his time at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) was no exception.

Hodson graduated from UNO with a degree in Business Administration in December 2019. After graduating and working as an intern at Deloitte until March 2020, he was accepted by the Bundestag Youth Exchange, a one-year program for young professionals to work, learn and live in Germany. It started in the summer of 2020 and was scheduled to start a full-time role in Deloitte after returning to Japan, but the plan was changed by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Hodson took a professional exam and volunteered for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in Omaha. Its goal is to improve quality of life by helping others gain financial stability.

“I’ve always wanted to understand how the business knowledge and insights I’ve developed from UNO can be combined. My internship and professional experience. And traditionally such We serve and support my community, including those who do not have access to resources, “said Hodson.

His path began with organizations such as the Honor Society, the Financial Management Association, and Beta Alpha Chi, which helped him better understand what he wanted to do.

“UNO really changed my mind and life in many ways because I grew up as a first-generation college student and I didn’t have a mentor in my business space. When I went to school, I was an expert. I didn’t even know what a certified accountant was. I knew I was good at accounting in high school, “he said.

“Being part of a larger organization and being able to work with others to develop the skills and perspectives needed to do something bigger than you is a big deal. bottom.”

During his stay at UNO, Hodson worked with many international students from different countries around the world, especially as a tutor. Conversations with those students about how they thought about different aspects of America compared to their homeland and what their hometown was fascinated him. After being encouraged by others, he went abroad to study.

“When I returned home, that experience really motivated me to continue looking for new experiences, learn from different perspectives, and see how I could harness my business skills and curiosity at the international level.” Hodson said. “It meant that I didn’t go to UNO or be around international students from all over the world and study abroad with the help of a study abroad office. I would be a completely different person.”

Dr. Lucy Morrison, Dr. Susan Eldridge, and Dr. Xiaoyang Chen all had a major impact on Hodson’s life. “These are the people who have always been there to support, encourage and give me the opportunity to continue to grow. Really, I think they are a great demonstration of the UNO spirit and educational community. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. “

Hodson plans to continue working at Deloitte while continuing to be involved in the EITC. For now, he wants to build a service mindset with a strong business foundation so that he can contribute to service organizations on a global scale.

His story, with interest and passion, can be an opportunity for everything from conversations with international students to joining the community to broaden your horizons and lead you on unexpected paths. is showing.

“Join and try what you’re interested in at UNO. Be curious and see how to connect things from those experiences.”

‘I Am the ROI’: Patrick Hodson | News Source link ‘I Am the ROI’: Patrick Hodson | News

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