I don’t know why I’m not a season 26 bachelor’s degree

Michael Ario ABC / Craig Sjodin

The bachelor’s state was surprised when the news broke one of them Michelle YoungSuitors who fans don’t meet until the October premiere will be the next bachelor’s degree, and that’s right Michael Ario surprised.

While answering fan questions on Instagram Stories on September 19th (Sun) single Season 17 Alum hinted that he would be the lead for Season 26. “Why” when asked why he wasn’t his next bachelor, Michael said, “Hmm. I don’t know.”

He then sent Love for a new bachelor’s degree Clayton Echard —Unnamed — “But I’m sure the next one will be really good.”

Ohio’s single father, Michael, Katie ThurstonSeason single, It aired earlier this year.

“Honestly, I never doubt if I will regret going to Katie’s season,” he said on Sunday, answering a question about “regret.” “I made a lot of good friends. Katie’s Awesome, to be honest, redoed millions of times.”

After he quit the competition because his son James felt he needed him at home, some viewers wanted him to have the opportunity to hand out roses.

Appearing “Vial file” Earlier this month, Michael, whose wife died in 2019, claimed to be “approaching” to become a season 26 star.

“There was debate. No decision was made,” he said in an episode on September 8. “I had booked to be a contestant. When you’re in the lead, they’re even higher. Obviously, there are a lot of shiny things in the lead, but everything that sparkles here. Not necessarily money …. My son, my lifestyle, what do you want after this? Am I ready to introduce my son to random people he doesn’t know? Maybe . do not know.”

Nick Viol Shaw added that it was “worthy” to “meet” the specific needs of Michael’s son.

Bachelor Alum Michael Ario says he doesn't know why he wasn't selected for Season 26 Bachelor Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston and Michael Ario ABC / Craig Sjodin

“If I had a bachelor’s degree, 100% James would be there. They made accommodation for people in the past,” Michael said. Jason Mesnick When Emily Maynard.. “I’m 37. I’m not going on a date. Casting is completely different and the location is different.”

A few days later, sources We weekly on September 15th, Clayton’s Bachelor’s Degree in Season 26, With production It begins in his hometown of Eureka, Missouri.

“Clayton quickly stood out. The producer eventually went with him because he believed he was the best fit for the role. They switched things and were still in the limelight with new people. I wanted to go with someone who wasn’t there, “said another insider. We Early this month. “The mystery makes it more exciting for future contestants. The crew learned about it at the last minute. No decision was made until about a week before filming his intro.”

single It will premiere at ABC on Tuesday, October 19th at 8pm EST. Bachelor’s degree It will premiere in January 2022.

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I don’t know why I’m not a season 26 bachelor’s degree

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