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Hanford, CA (KFSN)-Once a gathering place for Chinese in Hanford.

Currently, it is a museum maintained by the China Alley Conservation Association.

Firefighters in Hanford and Kings County allegedly saved the Taoist Temple Museum, the heart of Hanford’s China Alley historic center.

Thanks to a recent visit to the building, the crew was familiar with the layout of the building and the valuable items inside.

Hanford Fire Chief Steve Pendergrass says the crew was conservative in using water while trying to contain the flames.

“The term was surgical in our water placement. We’re trying to make sure we’re not just blowing the walls,” says Chief Steve Pendergrass.

Arianne Wing, Chairman of the China Alley Preservation Society, and her husband, Steve Banister, are grateful for their focus on the prompt response of firefighters and the protection of their property.

Unfortunately, however, a fire that appeared to have occurred in the stairwell caused serious heat and smoke damage to the temple room on the second floor.

Wing, who recently lost her mother, collapsed Thursday morning when she was allowed to return inside.

“I really knelt down, and this crumpled mountain and I really wanted my mom, but I think we were two crumpled mountains on the floor, so she came to see this I was very happy that I didn’t, “she says.

Wing and banister pain is still fresh.

However, they remain positive.

The building, built in the late 1800s, still remains.

And they know they’re backed by the community, like a woman who stopped by the museum on Friday morning.

“She says,’I brought you a donut and $ 60, so it was touching,’” says Banister.

Wing adds: “It just overflows. It’s not just us. The community really feels lost.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

However, Pendergrass says police and fire investigators are reviewing surveillance videos.

And they are trying to track down a few interested people who may have information about the fire.

“There are some fires that can be pointed out in your career and not only save life and property, but also remind you of the efforts made to protect history and culture, although this will last forever with me. It’s one, “he says.

Wings and Banisters say that some very important items were stored in the basement of the temple museum-a document telling the history of Chinese alleys.

Thankfully, those documents were spared from the fire.

You can donate to the China Alley Conservation Association Here..

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‘I fell to my knees’: Fire damages Hanford’s historical Taoist Temple Museum Source link ‘I fell to my knees’: Fire damages Hanford’s historical Taoist Temple Museum

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