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I have tried three new Olympic sports. This is what I learned.

My friend and I had rock climbing experience, but speed climbing was our first time, so we sought advice from Jim’s youth climbing team coach Tony Mansrian. He focuses on intentional hand movements and foot placement for more common types of sports and outdoor climbing, but more dynamic jumps and minimal thinking are required to succeed on speedwalls. Said it was necessary.

“Speed ​​climbing is an area of ​​its own,” Mansurian said. “It’s almost difficult to climb like a traditional mountaineer.”

After clipping to the automatic belay device, I turned off my brain and tried to ascend from hold to hold ( I’ve seen experts do). But each move required more bursts of strength and a leap of faith than I could sustain. Several times I had to barely catch the end of the next hold and go through it. My forehead was sweaty. My heart rate has skyrocketed. After every few movements, I had to stop to hold my breath. It took about 2 minutes to get to the top. This is far from the women’s world record of about 7 seconds. However, I was excited about the challenge and decided to improve.

Martin Hugger, a health psychologist at the University of California, Merced, says the big advantage of incorporating new activities into the athletic repertoire is that it can. Motivate your workout.. He said new experiences could cause the release of dopamine in the brain, which in turn could lead to joy, satisfaction, and the urge to do them again.

By connecting with a community of people who work out together, like those in the climbing gym, Dr. Lagrange said he can focus more on a particular workout. Attribution can increase your self-esteem and solidify your identity within a group of people, which can help you develop and maintain healthy habits. “The reasons for your exercise are widespread,” he continued. “From fitness and skill-based stuff,” these are my friends. I want to share this with my friends. “

The day after I tried speed climbing, my forearms and triceps were still hurt, so I stood barefoot on the wooden floor, stared at my husband’s eyes, kicked my stomach, blocked the return punch and punched back. Did. We were practicing kumite, one of the two areas of karate that first appeared in the Olympic program. In Kumite, two people sparring with punches and kicks and earn points when they strike a specific part of the opponent’s body. Another area, Kata, is a series of solo choreographic movements.

I have tried three new Olympic sports. This is what I learned.

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