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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-27 10:20:16 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — After weeks of speculation that Nicholas Kristof is considering running for a top office in Oregon, a Yamhill native officially announced his governor’s campaign.

Former New York Times reporter, editor-in-chief and columnist Christoph has released his newly launched press release. Campaign website With a matching video early Wednesday morning. In some of the announcements, Christoph said, “I spent my life shining light on the darkest corners of the globe,” even though I had never run for public office.

“If you refuse to tackle the problems Oregon is facing, nothing will change until you stop raising politicians to career ladders each year,” he said.

Christoph says it’s time to do something “about the system equipped for so many ordinary Oregons.”

Christoph grew up on a sheep and cherry farm on the outskirts of Yam Hill. His father first came to Oregon as a World War II refugee from Eastern Europe and landed his work like a logging camp in Valsets. Both Christoph’s father and mother have been teaching at Portland State University for decades.

“I exist because Oregon has shown compassion for refugees, my father,” he said. “I believe in Oregon-one of the hopes and opportunities, and at worst reveals the best of us. We are now losing some of it. Seems like, but we know we can create it together, so I’m running for governor. “

The journalist has won two Pulitzer Prizes and has witnessed and reported on various humanitarian crises around the world. But when he returns to Oregon, Christoph says he will continue to see serious problems permeate his home state.

“I have buried too many friends and have seen too many problems worsen. We often accept Oregon’s problems as unavoidable and unsolvable, but that’s not the case. No, “he said. “I think Oregon is better, but we have to make another choice. The choice is to treat people with dignity and tackle problems even in difficult times. Oregon gives me a lot That’s why I’m running for governor, to get Oregon back on track and help everyone. “

Christoph’s departure from the Times came about two weeks before his official candidacy announcement, just a few days later. He submitted documents to establish a political action committee.. The paperwork allowed Oregon’s native species to raise funds and hire staff for the governor’s election.

Christoph reportedly was exploring the possibility of running for several months. He has been on vacation in the NYT since June, when the Times first told editors to weigh runs.

‘I know Oregon can be better’: Kristof announces run for governor Source link ‘I know Oregon can be better’: Kristof announces run for governor

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