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About 1 in 4 Oregon residents experiencing food insecurity

An emergency food box is loaded in the Sunshine section. (Courtesy: Sunshine Division)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — “Unprecedented does not make it justice.”

That is Kyle Camberg, Executive Director Sunshine Division, Explained how this holiday season was different than before. “It’s something we’ve never seen and we never planned.”

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, the non-profit Sunshine Department distributed 15,000 holiday meals throughout Portland Metro.

The Oregon Food Bank and Sunshine divisions have a 10-fold increase in food needs during the November 17, 2020 pandemic (KOIN).

Pandemics, wildfires, and economic closures have caused food insecurity in about one in four Oregon residents. As a result, places like the Sunshine department get very busy. Many people who need help right now have never had to ask for help.

“We receive calls and emails every day from people who say,’I was a donor’ or’I was volunteering and need a little help,'” Kamberg told KOIN6 News.

He said the Sunshine division has served 10 times more households in 2019 since April.

“It’s really painful now because so many people have upset their world, not their fault.”

Volunteers lined up in the car to help deliver Christmas meals to 2500 households. Without the turkey and all the equipment in this box, some families would not have been able to eat on holidays.

Sunshine Division — Donations

But the need isn’t over after the holidays, Campberg said.

“We know we’ll be very busy in 2021. This challenge, this problem, the crisis that our community really faces doesn’t end on December 26th,” he said. “It probably won’t end on February 26th. This will be our new normal for quite some time.”

However, the Sunshine sector needs community support to continue to support this level of people. Donations are easy to make online.

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‘I need help’: Sunshine Division serves 10x more than 2019 Source link ‘I need help’: Sunshine Division serves 10x more than 2019

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