I prefer Pfizer stocks to Novavax

Seres Therapeutics: “I think you’re a young person, a new person, and you can buy. For older people, it’s too speculative because the company doesn’t make money, but I like your phone.”

ViacomCBS: “It’s okay. I think the whole business has been assaulted. I can mention one of these. I think it’s okay. That means it’s working fine, but it’s okay.”

Novavax: “They came like a fuss. We all thought they would be equal. I like Pfizer.. Pfizer is also taking pills. It’s a cheap way. I was relieved with Pfizer. ”

ODP Corporation: “No, you can buy everything you want on Amazon. You don’t need that company. It’s Amazon Roadkill.”

Grow Generation: “Now we grow up in teens and when it reaches $ 40 and $ 50, we said. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs are slaughtered. We said we would sell, but we didn’t look back. ”

Canopy growth: “At this point, $ 9, I [be a buyer].. My problem here is that this didn’t have a good quarter. It’s not working. … I don’t like the cannabis business. I don’t. I think it was a hype business, just like what we’re seeing in a brutal gambling business right now. “

Palantir: “Cult stock, cult stock, cult stock. Cult stock isn’t working …. We tricked it into trading, but no. Now it’s cult stock. It’s not working. . ”

ContextLogic: “We actually think this company is a decent company and they’re throwing it away. That is, can you buy it for $ 3 and get it to zero? I think so, That’s a good thing. [speculative play].. ”

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I prefer Pfizer stocks to Novavax

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