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I-Team: Former Las Vegas real estate executive faces child pornography charges – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-16 13:34:32 –

The investigation is according to photos, videos and police

Christopher Robello (KLAS)

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Former Las Vegas real estate executives have been accused of possessing and distributing child pornography after a year-long investigation by local police and the FBI, according to records obtained by I-Team.

Christopher Robello, 55, is guilty of possessing visual pornography for people under the age of 16 and preparing, promoting, or distributing pornographic material, including a minor court record show. ..

Lo Bello, a former vice president of Colliers International’s Las Vegas office, turned into police in late May. A Koreas spokesperson confirmed that LoBello worked for the company from 2007 to January.

According to police records, police searched LoBello’s house and were first interviewed in January.

A spokeswoman for Koreas said in a statement to Team I, “We are aware of the situation regarding former Las Vegas employees and will work with the authorities if necessary.”

Metro police wrote in court documents that their investigation began in June 2020 with advice from the US Open and Exploitation Children’s Center. According to the hint, a person is sending material on child sexual abuse via Skype.

Police said they found evidence on LoBello’s phone and online storage website for photos and videos showing child sexual abuse.

According to LoBello’s online biography, she participates in a number of local committees, including volunteering for the Candlewriter Childhood Cancer Foundation in Nevada. His biographical page was subsequently removed from the website.

LoBello’s lawyer did not respond to repeated requests for comments.

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