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I-Team: Questions raised about City of Henderson vaccination plan – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-01-13 01:04:09 –

Henderson, Nevada (KLAS) — Many people have contacted 8NewsNow about the new COVID-19 vaccination program. There are some concerns specific to Henderson in the question.

Viewers have contacted us that something is wrong with how the city of Henderson treats vaccines. There are concerns about whether the elected civil servants have crossed the line.

Some city officials, including elected officials, may be vaccinated as early as January 4, along with frontline workers such as firefighters and police.

A spokeswoman said the officials elected to Team I were essential to the operation of the city. She also emphasized who is prioritized and that vaccination is voluntary.

“COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary and city employees make their own appointments. We do not track when a particular individual received it. The vaccine is in Nevada and the Southern Health District of Nevada. It is given to patients according to the gradual priority defined by.

City employees who prioritize vaccination are emergency medical service providers, public security staff, and employees who support the city’s critical infrastructure operations … “

Kathleen Richards, Senior Public Relations Officer, City of Henderson

However, according to the Nevada Southern Health District (SNHD), civil servants were in Tier 2 behind front-line workers, not behind them. A SNHD spokeswoman wrote:

Civil servants are considered an important infrastructure as part of the continuity of government. This is Tier 2.

Stephanie Bethel, spokeswoman for Southern Nevada Health District

There is confusion, to say the least.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state is far behind in vaccination of Nevadans. When I asked the governor why it took so long to create a new vaccination playbook, he replied:

“Vanessa, it didn’t really take long to come up with it. We’ve been planning this for a long time. We didn’t have the resources … I’m not happy, but we I’m proud of everything that frontline workers have done. ”

Team I also contacted southern Nevada and other cities in Clark County to find out where civil servants fit into the vaccination program. Here’s what they told us:

Clark County

Like other hospitals, UMC was vaccinated for health care workers and first responders, but otherwise the county is not vaccinated here.

County employees and elected officials are expected to follow state / SNHD guidelines regarding when to receive the vaccine. “

Clark County Spokesman Dan Klin

Las Vegas

The Southern Nevada Health District is a leader in vaccine distribution. I know it’s first deployed to hospital staff, fire departments, law enforcement and other first responders. “

Las Vegas City Senior Public Relations Officer Jace Radke

North Las Vegas

The city council will be at the end of Tier 1 after firefighters / paramedics, police officers, orthodontic staff, and critical infrastructure employees. “

Patrick Walker, Communication Manager, North Las Vegas

Employees of critical infrastructure in North Las Vegas, such as elected officials, will be vaccinated starting Wednesday.

Boulder City

We are currently working on the completion of Phase 1A. Our five-member city council age and health range – there are members who fit Phases 1B and 1C.

Mayor Kiernan McManus said: “I will follow age-based vaccination recommendations regardless of my position as mayor. It will put me in Tier 4.”

Boulder City Communication Manager, Lisara Plante

In a follow-up email, a spokeswoman for the city of Henderson claims that the mayor and city council are included in Tier 1 as they make important decisions for the city. She also states that the city has returned unused vials and returned them to the health district. The complete statement is:

Previously, the city of Henderson was only allowed to provide vaccines to employees in accordance with the Nevada COVID-19 Vaccination Program Playbook.

Mayor Henderson and the council are clearly included in Tier 1’s critical infrastructure workforce as part of the city’s emergency efforts. They make important decisions about where to direct city resources, approve emergency spending, and issue directives that cannot be made without their approval.

The city is very enthusiastic about following playbook guidelines, such as returning unused vaccine vials to the Southern Nevada Health District, rather than immunizing employees who are not defined as a significant infrastructure workforce. I have been working on.

The city of Henderson is enthusiastic and ready to spread the COVID-19 vaccination program to the community. The governor updated the playbook last night, allowing the city to set up vaccine distribution spots. We are working with community partners such as Sun City Anthem, Southern Nevada University, and Henderson Campus to begin offering COVIDs. Next week, 19 vaccines to the community. “

Kathleen Richards, Senior Public Relations Officer, City of Henderson

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