I was treated “totally different” from “NCIS” Costers

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Shalita Grant claimed she was treated “totally different” from her NCIS: New Orleans Her pre-2018 co-star — especially when it comes to her hair.

“It took about a year and a half to produce,” the 33-year-old actress said in an episode on Monday, October 18. Tamron Hall Show Why she left the hit drama Before cancellation in March.. “I started recording some of the physical damage that was happening — it’s hard to record emotional damage.”

Grant, who Participate in the CBS series In the middle of Season 1 of 2015 as Sonya Percy, he insisted on the set swords from the show stylist and her overall hair care. Hurt her natural mane I didn’t take it seriously.

Shalita Grant claims she was treated quite differently from NCIS-New Orleans Costers says her hair was damaged in the set
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“Anyone who was a fan of the show knew that Percy’s ponytail would look different every week. Sometimes in episodes. She explained on Monday and how the wig went to rock in January 2017. He said he started recording what affected him. The bald spot on the head of Season 2. “

She said by season 4Threatening baldnessIn front of her hair. ” Grant remembered being ridiculed by fans for her new styling, “it looks like a helmet,” but she didn’t care.

“I was protecting myself,” she said of her choice to change the look of the show and save her roots.

NS You are actress When she was in a crime drama, she explained that the hair problem on the set was part of a deeper problem. She remembered being thrown into a negative light because of her hair, which her white co-star is said to have never dealt with.

“You got the show and it was Millions of dollars show, And you will see that your treatment in the hair department is completely different from what is happening with your colleagues at the finest levels you like. I have to trim my hair, “she said, adding that it became a bigger problem when she was” blamed “for production delays and setbacks.

Grant remembered a shoot when it was raining. Her “white colleague also said,” I can’t cross the street in the rain. I need to blow dry. ” However, the story later claimed that “Sharita couldn’t cross the street in the rain,” and she was labeled “difficult.”

Shalita Grant claims she was treated quite differently from NCIS-New Orleans Costers says her hair was damaged in the set
Boren / Skip CBS

Originally from Maryland, he later launched the Natural Hair Care Line. Four Naturals, Added it She finally finished the series She said, “Because I didn’t work together. I had to save myself.”

NS Search team Alum previously talked about allegations of her abuse by the show’s hair department Vulture In July 2020.

“For black women, the way we crack down on hair is said to be unprofessional in nature. You’ve been taking this lesson since you were in school. It’s a punishment. It’s supported by, “Grant said at the time. “When NCISIt wasn’t just that people didn’t know how to do my hair. The Cosmetology Commission teaches that hair is hair, and because of the differences, it essentially erases black hair and Asian hair. … What is unique to them [my character] Sonya Percy does not have a natural curl pattern. “

she NCIS The team said, “Love interests don’t look like that. Love interests have straight hair. It’s all built on those assumptions, and that’s why I suffered.”

We weekly I contacted CBS for comment.

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I was treated “totally different” from “NCIS” Costers

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