‘I will have to lose my job’: South Carolina woman suing McMaster over ‘return-to-work’ order speaks out – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-04-07 19:21:16 –

Charleston, South Carolina (WCBD) —A South Carolina woman has been appointed as co-plaintiff in a lawsuit over a “return to work” order against Governor Henry McMasters.

Deborah Michal states that the order is “dangerous and unsafe.” Proceedings occur as more people return to the office.

The proceedings allege that Governor McMaster’s orders discriminate against certain groups of people and put those returning to work at unnecessary risk of COVID-19 exposure. One of the individuals behind the proceedings, Michal, is an employee of the College of Charleston.

The March 5 order required state employees to return to the building for face-to-face work. For Miharu, she says the order put her between a rock and a difficult place, leaving her some options.

“You are telling me that you need to choose my family over my work that I have to do,” Miharu says. “So I have to lose my job.”

The bill faces criticism from working parents and families like Miharu, who has children at home in a virtual school. Some criticize it, including bills that don’t allow time for childcare, while others say it’s dangerous and irresponsible.

“It’s about putting working parents and working families in a position where they were adversely affected,” says Miharu.

“People who are critical of the order have filed a proceeding in Colombia against Governor McMaster, saying the order is far more advanced and are pushing it back.

“Childcare is really challenging and expensive, and in some cases it can’t be done in a matter of weeks,” says Miharu.

In a statement released by Governor McMaster’s office, communications director Brian Simms said the state worked to set the conditions for a safe return to work.

“South Carolina citizens throughout the state were planning to work directly throughout the state and were able to work safely. The Administration, in cooperation with the head of government, keeps state employees safe. I’ve done a great job of getting it back to the office in a way that gives me the flexibility to respond when needed and gives government agencies time to implement safety measures in the workplace. “

“It’s ridiculous to think that requiring employees to go to work is discriminatory. Employees have been given weeks to make the necessary plans for many contingencies, including childcare. 94% of South Carolina childcare facilities are open, which is fine for those who are willing to make arrangements for them. “

For Michal, she hopes the proceedings will open to a decision that will open the hearts of Governor McMaster.

“And we’ll do something to get rid of this or make major changes to make it more compassionate,” says Miharu.

A spokesman for the College of Charleston sent the following statement to News 2. “The university continues to work with employees on a case-by-case basis for employees who have problems due to their plans to return to campus, which they say are in compliance with Governor McMaster’s orders.

‘I will have to lose my job’: South Carolina woman suing McMaster over ‘return-to-work’ order speaks out Source link ‘I will have to lose my job’: South Carolina woman suing McMaster over ‘return-to-work’ order speaks out

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