‘I will play well. I will go off.’ vs. Browns – Denver, Colorado

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ENGLEWOOD — Von Miller guaranteed to win the Arizona Cardinals as Vance Joseph’s head coach’s foot hung from the ledge during the 2018 Broncos tattered season.

With the wobbling of the season and the enthusiasm of coach Big Fangio on Tuesday, Miller wasn’t ashamed to have Joe Namath in full and showed clear confidence in the Thursday and Browns games.

“I played in all kinds of games and it worked in all types of games. It will work in this game. I’m going to go,” Miller asked him about accepting this challenge. I swore.

“I don’t want to put pressure on my teammates this time. I want to put pressure on them. I’m going to have a great match and get a few sack. Then I’ll win.”

The declaration can be traced back to the last three weeks. Miller aims to shock you as the most skilled and experienced player on the team.

Broncos’ plunge to Earth in the last three weeks of turmoil did not disappoint.

The schedule provided Broncos with a paved road to redemption. They started with three of the NFL’s worst teams, took on the business with a double-digit win, and called for a weight class rise.

They hosted Baltimore, an opportunity to regain the advantage of Homefield. Ravens hit them in their mouths and rubbed a fair amount of nose by extending a 100-yard rush streak in the final play of the game.

They traveled to Pittsburgh, where they talked about whether the grumpy Ben Roethlisberger should be on the bench, and focused on listless run games. The Steelers trampled on Broncos on the ground, and Roethlisberger connected with multiple long paths.

Then they welcomed the Raiders over the weekend. Director Mike Shanahan, who hates silver and black, has joined the Ring of Fame. If you had a personal game, this was it. The Raiders were coachless and Broncos lost three times in a row, falling below 31-10 in the third quarter, ignorant, crossing the class and booing.

Slump continues to be a concern at multiple levels. It casts doubt on Fangio’s future, revealing that it allows little resilience on the rest of the road schedule and cannot be taken seriously until Broncos defeats a good team.

Hello Thursday night. In prime time, Broncos has more than a puncher chance against Cleveland. Cleveland has a 3-3 record like Denver, starting with the expectations of the Super Bowl this season.

Browns is upset and hurt.

This week, Cleveland’s top running backs Nick Chub and Kareem Hunt were eliminated due to injuries. Quarterback Baker Mayfield seems to be trying to overcome the painful left shoulder problem affecting his mechanic. I’ve scored 84 points in the last two games, but both have lost.

Therefore, there is a fragment of hope in Broncos. But they talked a good match before facing the Steelers and Raiders and came out flatter than Kansas.

“Sure, I’m happy to be able to move on to this Thursday night match. Sunday match was terrible in many ways,” said Safety Justin Simmons, who promised to solve the communication problem. Said. Defense between linebackers and secondary. “I know they have a lot of injuries, but it’s exciting to face them in prime time.”

This week’s numbers talk a lot about what we can expect from Broncos moving forward. As cruel as the current stretch, Broncos’ goals remain in front of them — the winning season and playoff berth. But neither is realistic until you overcome someone’s achievements.

“I don’t know who to tackle, but I’m going to kill him,” Miller promised. “And the other guy on the other side. I’m going to play for my team and prepare us to make sure we win.”

Miller’s self-confidence represents a juxtaposition with the health of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. He was cheeky when he stepped into the Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse for practice and on the podium for a press conference. He didn’t promise to play, but he says he trusts the process of recovery and rehab, and expectations remain for him to start.

Bridgewater explained that his foot / ankle was paralyzed when he touched down on Noah Fant last Sunday. He joked to turn off the camera when he left his media session due to his compromised state.

Bridgewater has been fired seven times in the last two weeks and hit 22 times. Veterans are proud of their toughness, but with an average of 44 pass attempts against the Steelers and Raiders, it’s not effective in this situation.

In Broncos’ victory, he made an average of 32 attempts. It reflects the balance and is a realistic question of Bridgewater’s talent. He is not designed to win the game himself in a pass game.

“I have to get the ball out faster,” Bridgewater said about avoiding contact. “As a player, you need to know exactly what you’re trying to do one play at a time. You can’t anticipate what you’re doing in the third, fourth, or post-match. You have to run and pass the ball to give them, and be efficient on the first and second downs. ”

The three loss figures raise the question of why Broncos can’t run any further. Not all the first and second downs, like the first three first half drives in Pittsburgh. However, statistics suggest that you need to pass and stick to it to set the run.

Broncos won on average 127.3 yards, lost 108 yards and 5.6 yards per carry. They are ranked 14th in the league with 117.5 yards per game.

“I think running is really important. I did a really good run the other day,” Schulmer said. “We just need the opportunity to get more of them.”

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