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Portland, Oregon 2020-11-20 08:38:14 –

Mayor candidate Sarah Janarone, Portland, Oregon, will pose in Portland on Friday, October 9, 2020. A few weeks ahead of the election day, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler lags behind in a poll behind Ianalone. (AP photo / POLA Petrovich)

Portland, Oregon (Portland Tribune) — After losing the Portland Mayor’s election by about 20,000 votes, Sarah Janarone announced her next move. It is a political action committee called Portland.

“If we want to stop social and ecological collapse, we can’t accept lukewarm leadership and centrist gradualism,” she said in a news release.

Iannarone will register and direct the PAC with state authorities on November 12. Kris Wallsmith has signed on as an accountant. According to Filing, Iannarone has returned to work as a self-employed urban policy and best practice consultant.

Ianalone said the group will serve as a grassroots effort to support progressive candidates, policies, initiatives and voting bills, in line with the ideas pursued during the campaign.

“The Portland City Council has made a disappointing conservative turn,” she said in another email to supporters seeking donations to the PAC. “My campaign for the Mayor of Portland was not about personal, but about tactical optimism and progressive solutions. We need to tackle the biggest challenges.”

About 147,964 voters voted for Ianalone in the November elections. Ianalone voted for the second time in the city hall, with about 12% of voters choosing the candidate who was writing, and Wheeler won the most votes, even if he got multiple votes. ..

In the press release, former campaign director Gregory McKelby compared Ianalone to Stacey Abrams. Stacey Abrams ran for Georgia Governor in 2018, but is widely acknowledged to have handed over the state to the Democratic Party in this year’s presidential election.

“Sara was inspired by Stacey Abram’s ability to turn election defeats into movement-building, and a few years later she addressed a number of issues that unfairly affected her elections,” McKelby said. I am. “I expect Sarah to do the same.”

Our Portland continues the Iannarone-sponsored podcast series with plans for a progressive summit in early 2021.

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Iannarone launches Our Portland PAC after mayoral defeat Source link Iannarone launches Our Portland PAC after mayoral defeat

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