ID.Life’s concept reveals the direction of Volkswagen’s design

One of the 2021 Munich stars Car show was Volkswagen ID.Life, a concept built to preview entry levels Electric car It is intended for a relatively young target audience. It may not reach production exactly as seen in our gallery, but it points the way the German company’s design language will move in the coming years.

What stands out when you see ID.Life It doesn’t share styling clues with Volkswagen’s existing electric cars, Like ID.4.. It’s its own, and if you look hard enough, there’s only a handful of subtle retro touches. Jozef Kabaň, the company’s head of design, said: Autoblog It was intentional.The purpose of his team was not to make it smaller ID.3..It was to create crossover It’s a timeless design, which was especially important because it’s packed with technology.

“Recent cars are technically constantly broadcast and updated wirelessly, so your car is always fresh, so the design is [outdated].. Kabaň explained, explaining the set of ideas that shaped ID.Life. He said building a car with a strong character is not always overloaded with unnecessary styling clues and add-ons. , And life shows it both internally and externally.

In the future, this approach to design will penetrate the rest of Volkswagen to varying degrees.

“Volkswagen’s design language must always go in a timeless direction. It fits the brand,” said Kabaň. “We want to use genuine, clear and genuine materials. No fake of any kind, no one tries to look like anything else. Fake vents, fake wood, etc. I We want to balance the car, “he added. ..

This isn’t the first time Volkswagen has built a concept that introduces the fun aspects of the modular MEB platform.It surprised us ID.Buggy, A heritage-inspired design study announced in 2019 Dune Buggy – When Preview the new world of coachbuilder cars..Production is Tentative plan Start up to obstacles with the help of a third party Put the project into hibernation But the buggy isn’t dead yet. Ralph Brandstätter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, said: Autoblog That Of the concept car The future is “still under discussion”.

In terms of life, the production model that transforms it will land in the showroom in 2025.

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ID.Life’s concept reveals the direction of Volkswagen’s design

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