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Some fifth graders at Clinton Elementary School wore jackets and hoodies during an excursion at the Sheldon Museum on Thursday, when the minimum temperature was 42 degrees Celsius. Summer is projected to return to Lincoln from Sunday, with high temperatures potentially reaching 90 degrees.

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If you were waiting for autumn, you probably enjoyed this week.

But if you’re not ready to end the summer, you have something too.

Tuesday was the official first day of autumn, and the weather felt that way, with morning temperatures dropping to 40 degrees Celsius on Wednesday morning, peaking only in the 70s, Monday through Wednesday.

The temperature reached 84 degrees on Thursday, but will reach 70 degrees again on Saturday.

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However, it is predicted that it will return to the heat of summer from Sunday, and the temperature may be 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual.

The National Weather Service forecasts maximum temperatures of 92 degrees Celsius in Lincoln and 91 degrees Celsius on Tuesdays on both Sunday and Monday. The normal high at that time was 76.

Temperatures in the 90’s are also projected in other parts of Nebraska, such as North Platte, McCook, Beatrice and Falls City.

Lincoln reached 90 degrees seven times this month and 56 times this year, both above average. Temperatures from this month to today are about 2 degrees higher than average.

Retired UNL climatologist Ken Dewey tweeted that it rarely reached 90 degrees later this year, with “only a handful” of records management over 135 years.

If you thought the 90s were over in Lincoln, think again. | Local Source link If you thought the 90s were over in Lincoln, think again. | Local

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