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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-06-23 19:45:00 –

Atlanta (CBS46)-A new development happened at the IKEA store in Atlanta on Wednesday.

A major furniture retailer Racist-free menu Monday, June 16th.

But on Wednesday, employees said they didn’t get a holiday salary because of the new federal holiday.

CBS46’s Tori Cooper investigated the issue and collected internal documents showing that Juneteenth was a federal holiday recognized by the company.

Internal documents also indicate that some employees at the Atlanta store were not paid for the Juneteenth holidays.

“So I logged in today, and there is no holiday salary,” the employee said.

According to an employee working at an IKEA store in Atlanta, she wasn’t paid for the Juneteenth holiday.

She provided a document showing weekly pay slips, including both Memorial Day and Juneteenth.

The third section on the left side of both documents shows holiday payments, but her latest pay slip, including June 19th payments, shows no holiday income.

“Today I talked to a colleague. They not only reaffirmed their remarks, but also contacted the HR department. This was a federal holiday, so why pay half the time It wasn’t. They were told they were waiting for a policy change. “

This happened just two days after 20 employees protested and quit their jobs after IKEA offered to offer fried chicken and watermelon to employees as a celebration of the June holiday.

“Sending watermelons on June 16 is not a soul food menu when you don’t even know history. They were feeding slave watermelons during their slave years,” said an employee. ..

IKEA apologized, made a mistake on the menu, and issued a statement that Juneteenth was on paid vacation.

However, following the IKEA statement, another employee sent us another tip. “I work at IKEA and they weren’t honest with the statement. I worked on June 16th but didn’t get the time and half for every pay slip and a few workers. This is the first celebration of June 16th, even though they say it’s been four years. “

Another employee explained, “This is absolutely not required to be happening in our city at this time!”

Employees told CBS46News that they felt stiff, and IKEA told them that working at Juneteenth was not an incentive reward.

According to employees, IKEA said it had to request Juneteenth a month ago, even though it was a federal holiday last week.

An IKEA spokesperson emailed Cooper on June 16 that workers would not be paid incentives, inconsistent with a previous statement to CBS46 on Monday.

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IKEA Employees say retail giant neglected to pay staff holiday pay for Juneteenth | News Source link IKEA Employees say retail giant neglected to pay staff holiday pay for Juneteenth | News

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