Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert’s “Jihad Squat” prejudice is “not a laugh” | Ilhan Omar

Lauren Boebert’s statement of Islamophobia is “not a laugh”, Ilhan Omar After a Colorado Republican said he was sorry, he said he would demand action from parliamentary leaders.

“It’s no laughing matter to say I’m a suicide bomber,” said a Minnesota Democrat. Tweet.. “”[House Republican leader] With Kevin McCarthy [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi needs to take appropriate action, and normalizing this prejudice puts the life of all Muslims, not just my life, at risk. Anti-Islamic prejudice has no place in Congress. “

Bobert Remarked In her hometown. She laughed and joked about meeting Omar, one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress at the Capitol Hill elevator.

“I see a parliamentary police officer running towards the elevator,” she said. “I see frets all over his face, and he’s reaching out, and the door is closed as if something were happening so I couldn’t open it. Looking to the left, she is there. Ilhan Omar.

“And I said,’Well, she doesn’t have a backpack, we should be okay.’ There was only one floor left. I said,” Oh, the jihad corps works today. Decided to come to

It was a reference to the “squad”, a prominent house progressive group of which Omar is a member. The controversial Bobert in the far-right Trump ally also uses the term on the floor of the house.

Correspondingly, Omar Said: “Fact. When she looks at me in the Capitol, this Bahoon looks down, this whole story is made up. Sadly, she thinks prejudice gains her influence.

“Anti-Islamic prejudice is uninteresting and should not be normalized. Congress cannot be a place where the hateful and dangerous Islamic metaphor is not criticized.”

Face to face Widespread blame“I was angry with my comments about Congressman Omar to anyone in the Islamic community,” Bobert apologized.

She also said, [Omar’s] An office that talks to her directly. There are many policy differences that should be focused on without this unnecessary distraction. “

Democratic leaders, including Pelosi, said that was not enough.

“Racism and all forms of prejudice. Islamophobia, Must always be called, faced and blamed wherever it is found, “they said in a joint statement.

“Repeated, continuous and targeted Islamophobia comments by Congressman Bobert and … both very aggressive and concerned about his actions against Ilhan Omar … we told Congressman Bobert these I urge you to completely withdraw your comments and refrain from making similar comments in the future. “

The statement was also accused of being “outrageous” McCarthy.

Another far-right Republican, Paul Gosar of Arizona, recently Officially blamed For tweeting a video depicting the murder of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in New York and threatening Joe Biden.

Only two Republican Voted for blame: Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois both broke the wings of Trump supporters in an attack on the Capitol.

On Friday, Kinzinger called Bobert “Garbage“I take the side between dignity and disgust.”

Perhaps he hints at McCarthy’s silence over a controversy involving a Protrump character, he I have written: “When was the last time you talked to Kevin to a regular member? Most of the time, it’s been a while.”

Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert’s “Jihad Squat” prejudice is “not a laugh” | Ilhan Omar

Source link Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert’s “Jihad Squat” prejudice is “not a laugh” | Ilhan Omar

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