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Washington [US], July 31 (ANI): A new study shows that children whose parents smoke or smoke marijuana on a regular basis have more viral respiratory infections such as colds than children whose parents do not smoke. You may experience it frequently.

The results of this study were published in the journal “Pediatric Research”.

Researchers at Wake Forest Medical College and Children’s Hospital in Colorado, USA, surveyed 1,491 parents and caregivers in Colorado, a state in the United States where recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal.

Researchers found that parents who smoked or evaporated marijuana on a regular basis had more viral respiratory infections in their children the year before the study compared to children whose parents did not smoke tobacco or marijuana. I found that I reported that I had experienced.

Parents who smoked or smoked marijuana did not experience other conditions associated with indirect exposure to tobacco smoke, such as ear infections and asthma attacks, more often in the hospital the previous year. He also reported that he had never visited the emergency department frequently, compared to children whose parents did not smoke.

Corresponding author Adam Johnson said, “The potential adverse effects of exposure to used tobacco smoke on children’s health have been extensively studied, but the effects of used infant marijuana smoke are unknown. Increasing respiratory infections in children exposed to used marijuana smoke. This is critical to health as more states in the United States are moving towards legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. May affect. Reported to smoke or smoke only marijuana regularly, 214 (14.3%) smoke only tobacco regularly, 80 (5.4%) regularly smoke both marijuana and tobacco Reported that he was smoking.

Researchers found that people who smoked marijuana alone tended to be younger, more educated, less likely to be identified as Hispanic, and more likely to earn more than those who did not smoke or just smoked. I found.

Parents and caregivers who smoked both marijuana and tobacco tended to be younger and less likely to identify them as Hispanic than nonsmokers. They also had lower income and education levels than nonsmokers compared to those who smoked only marijuana and those who smoked only tobacco.

“Our findings highlight the prevalence of marijuana use between parents and caregivers, and which children are used in US states where recreational and medical marijuana use is legal. Shows how likely you are to be exposed to marijuana smoke. Targeted parents and caregivers to raise awareness of the potential adverse effects of exposure to used marijuana smoke on children’s health. Used to help target and shape the messages of public health that have been used. ”For children to investigate the effects of exposure to smoke from used marijuana, the authors under the age of 12 between 2015 and 2017. We surveyed parents and caregivers who attended the pediatric emergency department of the Colorado Children’s Hospital with their children.

Parents and caregivers are asked how often and where they use marijuana or tobacco, and the effects of viral respiratory infections such as asthma attacks, ear infections, or colds that have children taken to the emergency department over the past year. Reported the frequency of receiving. Or bronchiolitis.

The authors warn that the observational nature of this study makes it impossible to conclude a causal link between smoke exposure to used marijuana and the frequency of viral respiratory infections.

In addition, the author investigated a small number of parents and guardians in one state in the United States where marijuana use is legal, so all children living in areas where marijuana use is legal, or marijuana use is illegal. It may not be possible to generalize the findings to all children living in the area. ..

Future studies may assess the impact of parental and caregiver use of other types of marijuana products, such as oral ingestion and skin application, on children. (ANI)

Ill effects of marijuana smoke exposure on kids Source link Ill effects of marijuana smoke exposure on kids

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