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Rutherford County, Tennessee (WTVF) —A federal judge said Rutherford County had illegally arrested and imprisoned a boy for decades.

The county has agreed to pay up to $ 11 million to settle a class action proceeding on behalf of the boy.

The final amount the county pays depends on the number of valid bills.

Qualified persons can receive nearly $ 5,000 for each illegal detention.

But finding those people has never been easier.

Lawyers who have been proceeding with the proceedings for years are trying to warn people about the settlement and have offered to help them fill out the required documents for free.

Dylan Geerts was 15 years old in 2013 when he was arrested and taken to the Rutherford County Juvenile Training School.

“I and my best friend went out at night and opened some unlocked cars,” Gates said.

They didn’t steal the car, but they made some changes.

Although it was a non-violent crime, Geerts said he was held in a cell for four days waiting to see the judge.

“They essentially escaped child abuse,” Geerts said.

“It sounds like four days isn’t too much until there’s nothing to do, so just lock it in the closet for four days and you’ll see what I mean,” Geerts said.

Kyle Mothershead said what happened to Geerts was illegal and a federal judge agreed.

“It was okay to arrest him, but he should have been sent home with his parents,” Mothershead said.

He was shocked to learn that Rutherford County had regularly put his children in jail and would have been told to get a ticket and return to court.

“It’s been literally 25 years since the detention center was opened, with a lot of illegal imprisonment,” Mothershead said.

Thousands of children have been arrested in the last 25 years.

Many are now eligible to receive thousands of dollars as a result of a settlement agreement with the county.

“We just have to find them, and they are no longer children. They are young adults aged 18, 19, 20, and 21,” said Mothers Head.

All qualified people received the packet by email.

However, it can be complicated to fill out and I have very specific questions.

“We are fully prepared to practice. We practice for free and help these families submit these claims,” ​​said Mothers Head.

Dylan Geerts said he changed himself when he came out because he was trapped in a cell because of a small mistake when he was a teenager.

“You’re back in your previous life, but it’s not the same,” Geerts said.

“You are no longer getting along with good kids. You are now bad kids,” Geerts said.

Qualified persons can receive $ 4,800 for each illegal detention.

Mothers Head wants to pay Rutherford the full amount and he wants to send a message.

Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 I asked, “Do you think other counties are doing this?”

Mothers Head replied, “It’s very likely.”

“Other counties should know they could come next,” Mothershead said.

The deadline for submission is from the end of October to next month.

Lawyers say that only hundreds of qualified people completed the paperwork.

They are willing to help for free.

Brazil-Clark Law Offices supports the registration of qualified people.

They can be contacted at 615-730-8619.

If you suspect you have a complaint, you can send an email to with your name, date of birth, and contact phone number.

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