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On June 17, Joe Biden signature June 19 A bill that changes June 16 to a federal holiday. Juneteenth, celebration The liberation of enslaved African-Americans after the formal end of the US Negroid began in Texas in 1866 and has long been observed by many black Americans.

The US government’s delayed decision to establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday is evidence of the impact of the current recurring movement for the liberation of African Americans. Unfortunately, it may be another step in the process of breaking the symbol of liberation. Treating racist atrocities as a crime of the past, not an ongoing project in which both major parties take the lead. We should celebrate Juneteenth, adopting that meaning and resisting attempts to make it an empty ritual.

Juneteenth, also known as Jubilee Day and Liberation Day, is already a highly misunderstood holiday. It is often confused with the issuance of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which, of course, declared the freedom of African-Americans enslaved within the rebellious Confederate states.The decree is Made Officially established in 1863 at the height of the civil war, it was clearly established as a war to end slavery. African-Americans have long begun their own uprisings and escapes in the midst of war, but the Declaration has given legal protection to new freedmen. More than 200,000 formerly enslaved people after Lincoln’s announcement I participated Union Army defeat Despite the Union Army’s fast-growing victory and the Emancipation Proclamation, US slavery is not over yet, and the slave states, which remained part of the coalition, need to recognize the humanity of enslaved people. There wasn’t. ..

The rest of the Confederate army and a small rebel guerrilla group lost their Confederate capital in April and continued to fight after General Robert E. Lee surrendered.Slave-owned whites in the Confederate corrupt states Escaped west to TexasIn the process, I brought over 100,000 enslaved African-Americans. The Union Army needed to arrive to begin the end of slavery in Texas. Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger, June 19, 1865 Declaration, “Texas people are informed that all slaves are free, according to a declaration from US officials.” There are many other dates on the holiday, originally called Liberation Day. However, June 19th became the dominant day of the holiday.

Despite Granger’s announcement, white slave owners fought to keep people in bondage Killing An African-American who fled for freedom. Freedom was declared in words, but it required Union military power to enforce it. This speaks to how deeply the culture and economics of slavery were embedded in the United States, and the kind of power needed to eradicate it. Of course, this uprooting was incomplete in many ways. The post-slavery reconstruction era brought a lot of political and economic freedom to Southern African Americans, but much of that progress was in slavery-like peasant programs and the prison-industrial complex that continues today. Will be spoiled by the establishment of.

This complex history makes this holiday particularly susceptible to revisionism, as is often the case with the highly politicized holidays of the United States.Biden in his declaration admitting Juneteenth I have written The holidays are:

A day that remembers the moral filth of our country and the terrible sacrifice of slavery-what I have long called the original sin of America. A long heritage of systematic racism, inequality and inhumanity.

Nevertheless, the system of racial capitalism that enabled the existence of American slavery is still prosperous today. All blacks were trapped behind the bar, all bullets were fired on the bodies of black children by police officers, all black soldiers were sent to murder and died to expand and maintain. A global system of economic domination. It’s a bit ironic that such a bill is passed by a more or less open parliament full of white supremacists and signed by the president. Recently He was proud to work with former racist politicians. It is very hypocritical for a powerful American politician to discuss Juneteenth while dismissing the idea of ​​compensation for enslaved African-American descendants.

Another holiday provides a useful example. Mother’s Day can be traced back to the work of two peace activists, Julia Ward Howe and Unleaves Jarvis, who wanted to establish an anti-war holiday. Their work was taken over by Jarvis’ daughter, Anna Maria Jarvis. regret A holiday that has been rapidly commercialized and transformed into another mechanism of corporate desire. Next is Martin Luther King Junior Day. A holiday to call for action, a day when people engage in civil disobedience and learn about the strategies and tactics of one of the most important radical organizers of the 20th century, has been put up for sale. As a day when people have to do acts of service. The story is primarily well-intentioned, but sporadic days of service make us justice, rather than the hard work of disrupting and diluting King’s politics and destroying and building new systems. Foster the American myth of getting closer.

We are pleased to spread and celebrate Juneteenth.But we should celebrate it with the same enthusiasm it was celebrate In the summer of 2020, despite protests, political education, and a new paint coat, there was an understanding that the slave master’s house was still standing. The kind of force that enslaved African Americans need to achieve liberation, and the final and complete eradication of American capitalist machines that seek profits at the expense of black freedom. You need to know the equivalent political power and celebrate Juneteenth.

I’m glad Juneteenth is a federal holiday.But don’t let it whiten | Akinora

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