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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-01-14 12:36:55 –

Perhaps no group deserves the question “How are you?” From a nurse.

They have been at the forefront of dealing with the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic for 10 months.

“I’m tired. I’m very tired and ready to finish this,” said Marissa Dobbins, a 29-year-old ICU nurse at UC Health in Denver, Colorado.

“It felt like a big lack of human connectivity, most of the reason I started nursing because I loved humans and wanted to help them,” said the 29-year-old ICU working with Dobbins. Morgan Quinn, a nurse, added.

Together, the two have been part of the UC Health system for nearly a decade, and the situation hasn’t changed much since March, when the COVID-19 was still new and its trajectory was uncertain.

To date, just under 400,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. Many do not spend the last moment with anyone other than the nurse, who in most cases bears the weight of the whole family, not just the weight of care.

“The weight of knowing that you are the only person [the ICU]I remember when it first hit me at the beginning of the pandemic, “Dobbins said. “I thought,’If you don’t say something, maximize your abilities, or defend your patients, no one else will.” “

For a long time, emotional stress, and few people really get it, Dobbins and Quinn say it can be overwhelming without the bonds they have built with each other through this crisis.

“There is no way we could do this without each other,” Dobbins said.

“People at work [what we go through], And when you unpack, they talk to you through it and tell you it, but it’s also good to throw it away to someone, “says Kelly, who works with Dobbins and Quinn. Lind added.

What can we do outside of us? We know that Dobins, Quinn, and Lind are all tasked with dealing with the effects of our actions, so we wear our masks, wash our hands, and stay socially separated. They say they help their mental state more than they do.

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