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TThis is the tsunami of interest that has accumulated around Imminent Pentagon Report About UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Flying Objects), as is often mentioned today. Fierce enthusiasm swept the UFO community. After years of being left behind as harmless eccentric, the member finally feels a sense of proof and excitement for the next disclosure.

I’m a science fan and a fan of science fiction. I grew up reading Arthur C. Clarke, Paul Anderson, Eric Frank Russell, Robert L. Forward, and Larry Niven. The idea of ​​contact with aliens has always fascinated me, and I find evidence of extraterrestrial life. But this current flap is not.

In 2017 I helped resolve the UFO case. The Chilean Navy used a high-tech infrared camera to record a video of a mysterious object in the distance. The black-and-white footage shows a strange black shape flying across the sky, and at some point it appeared to emit a plume of hot gas. A special group of military personnel, scientists and other experts was formed. For over two years, they carefully studied the case, ruled out all common possibilities, and finally concluded that the object was “genuine unknown.” A genuine UFO certified by the Armed Forces.

The research group published their conclusions and released a mysterious video.Writer Leslie Kean wrote Eruption article At the Huffington Post, Chilean sources praised the development as a “breakthrough” and “exceptional” discovery based on video and accounts, “a highly trained expert with many years of experience.” Said “full participation” of academia and the military. Power. The UFO community was pleased.

Three days later, I and others Identified Airplane as Iberia 6830 departing from Santiago Airport. The “hot gas” was just a contrail, and the strange movement was the result of the low viewing angle and strong zoom factor of the infrared camera. The glare from the engine obscured the plane and created a strange shape. Radar data confirmed that the exact position of the plane matched the UFO. Detective Conan. UFO enthusiasts were frustrated.

Something similar play With the current state of the US Navy. UFO enthusiasts claim that there is amazing evidence of UAPs, representing something incredible, and that a special group has been investigating this for years. As in Chile, blurry video from military-grade infrared cameras is clearly shown as very compelling evidence of resistance to analysis.

But, again, if the possible evidence is subject to public scrutiny, the claims made about it are lost. I, along with many others, did a detailed analysis of the black-and-white video that has served as the background for hundreds of media articles. UFO.. One video, codenamed “Gimbal”, is particularly impressive. It looks like a real flying saucer is scooping over the clouds.

But my experience with a Chilean UFO quickly suggested a more mundane explanation: infrared glare from a distant jet engine. Several studies have confirmed that this is a very likely hypothesis. I looked up the camera patent. These revealed the de-rotation mechanism used to modify the “gimbal roll”. This inevitably means that the glare rotates the way you see it in the video. This is probably why the Navy gave it the code name “gimbal” instead of “flying saucer”.

Other less impressive videos (which UFO enthusiasts also explain are noteworthy) quickly succumbed to the analysis. “Go Fast” wasn’t really fast, which was consistent with the balloon fluttering in the wind. “TicTac” did not show crafts that move like a table tennis ball, but instead looked like a distant plane with obvious movements caused by camera switching modes and gimbal roll execution. .. He pointed out that the “Green Pyramid” looked like “the best UFO image ever” for two days, but looked like an out-of-focus airliner shot in night vision with a triangular opening.

The evidence is overwhelming. It is said that there is confidential, confidential data that we cannot see that proves something. But the people who tell us this are the same people who rushed to promote these videos as compelling evidence to the media. (Some of the New York Times Well discussed Recently UFO piece Co-authored by Leslie Keane, who was very impressed with the Chilean incident. ) History channel pop science TV series Unidentified: A UFO survey by a US government agency took a similar approach, ran through “experts” and finally expressed surprise and confusion that it was very easy to explain.

I think the Pentagon’s future UAP report will be much the same. This is a government report, but without real funding, the report probably relies on work done earlier as a pet project for former senator and UFO enthusiast Harry Reid.

This does not mean that the military has nothing to worry about. There is a real problem with unidentified sightings – drones are the main problem. Distant drones are difficult to identify, even domestic ones, and foreign enemies have a keen interest in developing and using new stealth drones for espionage and defense investigations. We know There are other real problems, such as anomalous radar returns and mysterious witness sightings, but there is no evidence of aliens. There isn’t even high-quality evidence of flying objects showing amazing technology. However, there are many people who want to make UFOs “real” and want to promote their stories. They present weak evidence as strong evidence. Don’t be fooled.

I’m studying UFOs – and I don’t believe in alien hype.That’s why | Mick West

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