‘I’m Very Serious’: Why Filmmaker Michael Moore Is Confident About Democratic Midterm Victory | 2022 US Midterm Elections

debtOr last month, Academy Award-winning documentary maker Michael Moore emailed a daily letter. “Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth” On why he believes the Democrats will win big in next month’s US midterm elections.

Moore calls it “a short honest daily dose of truth and the real optimism these truths offer us.” of political commentators.

Making predictions is a risky task in any election cycle, but especially in this round with Democratic bankers, the unpopular Supreme Court decision to overturn federal guarantees on women’s abortion rights has led to Republican Can attract candidates. Republicanon the other hand, focuses on concerns over high inflation, economic problems and crime rates.

But political prediction became Moore’s job, as he rightly called it donald trump In the 2016 national elections, he will win against the prevailing judgment of the media and pollsters.

The thrust of his reasoning that this will be ‘Roe-vember’ is amplified daily in the mail.on a mission #twenty one (Don’t Believe It) On Tuesday, he addressed the issue of political fatalism, particularly the media narrative that parties in power in midterm elections inevitably go wrong.

“The impact of this kind of coverage can be jarring. It can get into and confuse the average American’s head,” Moore wrote. “You can start feeling deflated. You want to quit. You start believing we’re liberal.” that is group of losers. And when you think of yourself this way, if you’re not careful, the old stories start to come true. ”

Reached by phone last week, Moore, 68, told The Guardian that his aim was, in effect, to poke holes in groupthink. He cites three of his recent examples of political norms being misinterpreted.

“If I told you six months ago, ‘You know Kansas, right? “You might think I said something stupid,” he says.

“If I told you at the same time that in a legislative election in Alaska, a deficit state, that not only the Democrats but the Alaskan Native Democrats would win, you would have to question again. was mad.

Finally, he turns his attention to Boise, Idaho. There, the incumbent Republican School Board candidate, backed by the far-right group Idaho His Liberty Dogs, was defeated by an 18-year-old high school senior and progressive activist. Shiva Rajbandari, co-founder of the Boise chapter of climate change group Extinction Rebellion.

In each case, Moore said, conventional thinking was called into question.

“I have a high school education, so you probably shouldn’t be getting your news from me.” It’s flagged,” he says.

Moore likes to go the other way. He is from Michigan and has strong ties to the anti-government movement. Moore attended the same high school as Oklahoma bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols.

His reading is not metropolitan oriented.Last year he wrote that Democrats have “Rebel Envy” January 6th Capitol Riot. “In the depths of my heart, I saw something unbelievable happening with my own eyes, and in that horrifying moment on January 6th, 2021, you – how to say – envy It was the fascists who stood up, not us long ago,” he wrote.

Moore maintains that predicting a Democratic landslide isn’t just provocative.

Moore predicts that the election will see record turnout among young voters, a view often overlooked by pundits and commentators. “Dobbs’ decision hit women personally and deeply if they ever spent time with them. It was a religious edict based on conservative Catholic principles.”

Moore’s political speculation is not limited to critical observations of the right. The failure of the Democratic Party is also clear. “The biggest hurdle to what I’m doing with the series is the Democrats,” he says. He has watched Democratic governors and state election debates on public broadcasting in the United States. C-span.

“It’s so disappointing, and even I wonder how they’re going to pull this off. Democratic consultants offer a very lame and weak line. No. It doesn’t inspire people at home.”

“We are on the brink of a very important election and our greatest enemy may be the Democratic Party itself,” he added.

But Moore also points out that it is often said, but not always heeded, that America’s largest political group is neither Republicans nor Democrats, nor the electorate. Perhaps the most potentially powerful but least accessible, this non-voter political party is who Moore wants to reach.

“Non-voter parties do not understand how politics benefits them. They are fed up with the hypocrisy. I’m sick of the madness,’ says Moore, who turns on the TV in the evenings and looks for comedy, although he doesn’t necessarily go to news channels.

Moore’s call is to reach those who have no faith. “Anyone who cares and feels that our democracy may be hanging by a thread” now “must do something in the next three weeks.”

In his case, he says, it might be as simple as calling a cousin who doesn’t vote and explaining why.

But what will he say to them?

“Are you tired of not being able to do anything? This dead end bullshit. Democratic Party This is your chance to pass the bill. Let’s see how it works. It may not work. Maybe they have a bad idea. But not thinking or deciding paralyzes and hurts the country. If we speak like that, we can speak normally. It may be of great help. ” ‘I’m Very Serious’: Why Filmmaker Michael Moore Is Confident About Democratic Midterm Victory | 2022 US Midterm Elections

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