IMF Prime Minister Crystalinage Orgieva denies allegations that China’s data has been inflated

Washington — In a statement to Friday’s staff, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Crystalina Georgieva, asked to manipulate the report to appease China when she was the World Bank’s chief executive. Data and analysis, according to people familiar with the conference, denying allegations of pressure on staff and saying she cares deeply about honesty.

According to a record of her remarks, “I don’t agree with the impact on my role. To put it very simply, it’s not true,” she said.

The day before World Bank Internal Survey Georgieva concluded in a 2018 report that he was one of a group of senior World Bank officials who put pressure on a team conducting an annual Doing Business survey to advance China’s position. The findings questioned Georgieva, then CEO of the World Bank, and led to a review by the IMF’s Institutional Review Board.

The meeting on Friday was virtually held, but previously it was planned to prepare IMF staff for the annual meeting in collaboration with the World Bank.

Georgieva tackled the controversy at the beginning of the meeting, repeating her official statement that she “fundamentally disagrees” with the characteristics of the report, arguing that the investigation was not distracting. She did not file a proceeding on the details of the allegations, but said that asking staff to reaffirm something is not the same as pressure to change data, methodologies, or outcomes.

“In this case, and before and after, we haven’t pressured our staff to manipulate the data. We ask our staff to check, double-check, and triple-check, but change or change what the data shows. Don’t manipulate it, “she said. “Why? Because I have a very strong belief in the value of reliable data and analysis that leads to policy recommendations for the benefit of the members. For the benefit of the people.”

Georgieva regretted that the investigation caused a turmoil, but argued that it was not distracting.

“It’s my responsibility that this doesn’t interfere with our incredibly important work,” she said. “Now let’s focus on that task. That’s the focus of today’s discussion.”

According to a World Bank survey conducted by law firm Wilmer Hale at the request of the bank’s ethics committee, 2017 officials feared negotiations with members over a capital increase and pressured not to offend China in 78th place. Was hung. It is on the list of countries for the year and was set to decrease in the 2018 report.

The survey found that Georgieva was “directly involved” in efforts to improve China’s rankings. At one point, according to the report, Mr Georgieva accused the bank’s Chinese director of mismanagement of the bank’s relationship with the country.

On Thursday, the World Bank announced that it would end its annual Doing Business survey.

The Treasury, which acts as a liaison with the US IMF and has significant voting rights, has expressed concern about the allegations and said it is analyzing the findings.

IMF Prime Minister Crystalinage Orgieva denies allegations that China’s data has been inflated

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