Immigrant caravans currently in Guatemala can conduct early tests on Biden

Thousands of immigrants from Honduras have entered Guatemala and are planning to continue north to the United States, and the presidential election Joseph R. Byden Jr.’s immigration policy promised to ease the Trump administration’s asylum restrictions. May raise an early test.

After hundreds were able to pass the border guard on Friday, thousands more followed Guatemala on Saturday. According to officials, 7,000 to 9,000 people have entered the country, many bypassing coronavirus testing.

The· Guatemalan government said “We regret this infringement of national sovereignty and urge the Central American government to take action in the face of a pandemic to avoid endangering their population and the communities through which they pass.”

Immigrants are expected to face ongoing obstacles along their routes. According to the Associated Press, Guatemalan officials have set up a checkpoint, blocking some of the caravans not far from where they entered Guatemala and allowing some of the migrants to return home by bus.

In anticipation of the caravan, Mexican authorities have deployed additional troops and immigration officers along the country’s southern border.

Francisco Gardunho Janes, head of the National Institute of Immigration in Mexico, said in a statement on Friday, “In our territory, we must guarantee orderly, safe and regular immigration with respect to human rights and humanitarian policies. I can’t. “

Group members told reporters late last year that they were driven to escape the crime, poverty and homelessness exacerbated by a pandemic and two hurricanes.

“We had nothing to feed our children and thousands of us slept on the streets,” Maria Jesus Pas, the mother of four children, told Reuters. It was. She said her family had lost their home in a storm and was forced to flee.

“This is why we make this decision, even though we know that travel can cost our lives,” she added.

A series of hurricanes that hit Central America in November “destroyed the livelihoods of areas that are already facing an economic crisis and whose incomes for thousands of families are already severely declining due to a pandemic.” The committee said.Red Cross Said on saturday..

The Trump administration has made a series of transactions with Mexico and Central American countries to ban immigrants from reaching the United States. Mark Morgan, Deputy Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, said on Saturday that Guatemala is still enforcing the agreement.

“Guatemala will continue to support regional alliances working on safe, orderly and legitimate migration and protect public health in the event of a pandemic,” said Morgan. Said on twitter.. “We have already returned to Honduras after a caravan member illegally invaded Guatemala,” said the Guatemala Immigration Bureau.

During the presidential election, Mr Biden said he would act swiftly to revoke the stricter restrictions on asylum enacted by the Trump administration. This disqualified those who did not seek protection on their way to the United States and kept asylum seekers waiting in Mexico. ..

But last month, Mr Biden was unable to make such changes shortly after taking office to avoid a rush to the border, and his administration needed “probably the next six months” to develop further. “Humanitarian policies” to deal with immigrants who said they would.

“It will be accomplished, and it will be accomplished quickly, but it will not be accomplished on the first day,” Biden said.

Immigrant caravans currently in Guatemala can conduct early tests on Biden

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