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Imperfect girls make perfect role models

In our new book, Living the Confidence Code, we looked for role models whose stories really resonate with other girls. We emphasized those who were not traditionally “achieved” or celebrated girls, but stumbled, showed patience, and were open about it.

Ethiopia’s Yekaba Abimbola was open about the conflict between her deep desire to marry at the age of 12 and to please her family, and in fact the entire community, and her passion for independence. She fought against her cultural customs, quit her matchmaking marriage, and won the right to continue her education.

The Irish teenager Ciara-Beth Griffin of Autism Spectrum Disorders struggled to develop apps for other neurodiversity children. She said, “You will be taken over by me,” aloud the theme we heard many times. What do other people think? And the nasty perfectionist voice in your head … “Still, she and all these girls silenced that voice and, as Ciara-Beth says, to say” knock off! ” I was able to find an infinite variety of ways. And do what they are trying to do.

What really works to make someone a role model?Think story And Struggle — A multidimensional woman who reveals flaws and failures In addition to A compelling, bumpy story.

Here are some important tips for increasing the wattage of parent, educator, and all-girl role models.

Storytelling as a great educational tool is well documented. When we are engaged in a story, our brains connect information deeper, make predictions, and Get a lasting perspective.. And the girls are hungry for the connections they find in the story. “Girls need to look under the hood to see the process they have experienced,” Simmons said. “It really fascinates someone. It’s not who you are now, but how you got there and what you weathered.”

Child psychologist Bonnie Zucker, author of “Children Without Anxiety,” suggested that the family discuss a particular role model.

Imperfect girls make perfect role models

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