“Important time” of cloud games that want to change the way of playing

Buser declined to comment on the February changes.

Amazon also announced the cloud service Luna in September. So far, it is only available to invitees who pay $ 6 per month to play 85 games on the platform. Games can be streamed from the cloud to your phone, computer, or Amazon’s Fire TV.

Like Google, Amazon struggled to build a huge library of compelling games, but offers games from the French publisher Ubisoft for an additional fee.Amazon There was also a problem developing my own gameAs van Dreunen said, the creative artistry needed to create compelling games is at odds with the more corporate style of tech giants.

“They may have an interesting technical solution, but it’s completely lacking in personality,” he said.

Amazon said it continues to focus on game development. It opened a game studio in Montreal in March, and after a long delay, released a game called New World this summer.

Even console makers have jumped into cloud gaming. Microsoft, the manufacturer of Xbox consoles, released its cloud products, xCloud or Xbox Cloud Gaming, last fall. With a $ 15 / month subscription, users can play over 200 games on a variety of devices.

Sony also has a cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream games to your PlayStation console or computer.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview last month that he believes it would be impossible to become a gaming company “with great ambitions of all levels” without cloud gaming. Sony declined to comment.

Other companies are also participating. Nvidia, a chip maker that manufactures game hardware, has a $ 10 / month cloud program, GeForce Now.

“Important time” of cloud games that want to change the way of playing

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