Improvements to be made to Wells Park neighborhood – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-06-08 22:23:20 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Major improvements are underway in one of Albuquerque’s oldest districts. $ 4 million will be used to add 52 new streetlights to Wells Park Neighborhood. $ 3 million will be spent to make sidewalks ADA compliant. This was done after the city published a survey revealing some of the major issues.

“Therefore, when you walk in this area, you may find that the sidewalks are bent or bent, or that the sidewalks are missing or irreparably cracked. We want to repair as many of the 6,000 feet as possible. “We do,” said Pat. Montoya, Director of Urban Development.

There are also 28 poorly lit intersections. Light installation work is scheduled to be completed by the end of this month. According to a news release from the city, the report details the next project in the neighborhood.

  • Allocate $ 4 million in 2021 GO Bonds to acquire 2.2 acres of Walker properties and create new parks nearby. We are proceeding with planning and design in collaboration with residents.
  • At Coronado Park. Installation of portable toilets and hand-washing stations, new lighting, fences and sidewalks. A program that regularly cleans the park, picks up debris away from the camp, and works with non-residential people living in the park.
  • We provide a quick and coordinated response to FCS-led public facilities camps.
  • A new APD bike patrol unit in the Wells Park area.
  • APD Crime Prevention Review of Coronado Park, where a corrective action plan is in place.
  • In addition to Coronado Park, mobile public toilets have been installed in four nearby locations.
  • Staff training on the addition of sharp containers and safe needle pick-up and disposal at the Wells Park Community Center.
  • Continued support for HopeWorks’ Street Sweeper program. The program employs individuals to regularly clean nearby streets, sidewalks and public roads.

Improvements to be made to Wells Park neighborhood Source link Improvements to be made to Wells Park neighborhood

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