In Advance of This Week’s Beachland Show, Outlaw Country Singer-Songwriter Ward Davis Talks About His Stellar New Album – Cleveland, Ohio

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Singer-songwriter Ward Davis, who grew up in a small working-class town in Monticello, Arkansas, says he fell in love with music around 7 o’clock after his father bought a piano.

“I discovered Garth Brooks at the age of 10 and started playing his songs on the piano, singing and playing fairs in counties throughout the city,” Davis said on the phone from his home in Nashville. I will.He is Thursday at 5 and 8 pm Beach Land Ballroom.. “The kid in the town who played the guitar hit me for a year at the county fair talent show, so I had to learn to play the guitar. It was always music for me. It was me. It’s something I’ve always done. ”

After attending college and saying, “I’m wasting everyone’s time,” Davis “stepped into” Nashville and tried to establish himself as a singer-songwriter.

There was a faction in Nashville, and Davis, who dropped out as an outlaw, didn’t fit in immediately. However, he eventually formed the moderately successful rug tag band Beagle, eventually including Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Trace Adkins.

“It was just me and a few companions,” he says of the Beagle dog. “We got together and drank a lot of beer, smoked a lot of pots, wrote a lot of songs, then drank a glass of beer, smoked a pot and recorded. After that, one of the members calmed down. , The producer died and quit. It was a little fun. ”

Davis then turned his attention to his solo career and recorded his 2015 debut. 15 years in a 10 year town, About what he describes as a “small budget”.

“Hooray [15 Years] I was going to put something that would sell on a CD when I did these shows, “he says. “I was planning to play behind a sports bar for the rest of my life. I wasn’t expecting a national touring act or a record that people would actually hear. At the time, I was the only band, doing pretty cheap and doing my best to have to work with them. I don’t think it’s the first album. I put my flag on the ground I wanted to, but it wasn’t the way it looked like what I was trying to do. ”

After releasing the album, he got the opening spot for the up-and-coming Cody Jinx. That led to friendship. Eventually, the two started writing songs together.

“I didn’t know who [Jinks] That was the point, “says Davis. “one time [management] Booking a show, I dug into his music and loved it. I went to Texas, and he was just blasting. It blew my heart away. I started picking his brain and we became friends. He needed another song for the record and sent me to El Paso. We sat down and wrote, “I’m not a devil.” It was really easy. We’re still writing a lot together, and it’s fun and laid-back, and we don’t have to worry about getting anything done. ”

Divorce fueled the song in Davis’ next release, Asunder..

“It wasn’t harder to record than to write,” he says. “I wrote only three songs. Divorce is difficult. It was a kind of cure. When you experience such a thing, you only did it and who understood It helped me get rid of it from my chest. When I open myself up to others, I walk around like a scam, but I have one big hole that I can’t see. Music for me helps me pull it out. When it came out, people approached me and said they experienced exactly the same thing, and it’s not shameful. It’s me I grew up. ”

Davis recorded only one song last year for his latest efforts Black cat and crow, Everything was done before the pandemic happened. Still, with the help of producer Jim “Moose” Brown, he was able to complete the album by recording remotely. It begins with the fierce rocker “Ain’t Gonna Be Today,” a song Davis wrote a few years ago.

“It’s about 15 or 16 years old,” he says of the song. “I wrote it with a guy named Kendel Marvel. One day when I was writing together, I came up with the idea when I smoked. I told him,” Man, I’m going to quit smoking. thought so”. He said, “I am, but it’s not going to be today.” We went upstairs to write it and went for lunch. I demoed it, and we were playing with the idea of ​​putting it out several times over the years, but never. After a while, I went back to the record and said, “I want to do this again.” That’s what we came up with. ”

Other highlights of the album include the moody Southern rock ballad “Sound of Chains” and the story-driven “Papa and Mama.” Simply put, this album shows Davis’s chops of songwriting and his ability to convey different emotions.

Davis will play acoustics at upcoming Beachland shows.He says he understood the placement of all the tracks above Black cat and crow, He recorded in full band.

“In these acoustic shows, I don’t see the setlists. I just show them, plug them in and start playing. Many people want to hear another song from a record, so I’m them. Must be ready to play one of them. I also put a cover. They are generally a bit vague. I have a great management team and when everything shuts down they say I I started preparing not to lose everything I was working on and did it 1000%. January and February were pretty late, but we were pretty busy. Traveling together with seating events and acoustics There aren’t many people. It wasn’t too bad. I like doing more personal acoustic shows and enjoy it as much as traveling with a band. ”

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In Advance of This Week’s Beachland Show, Outlaw Country Singer-Songwriter Ward Davis Talks About His Stellar New Album Source link In Advance of This Week’s Beachland Show, Outlaw Country Singer-Songwriter Ward Davis Talks About His Stellar New Album

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