In California, a surge in coronavirus could result in 100,000 hospitalizations in January, officials said.

California recorded 500,000 Coronavirus case Governor Gavin Newsom and state chief health officials said they could face nearly 100,000 hospitalizations in the past two weeks and a month, which was unthinkable before.

Newsom himself underwent a second quarantine in two months, admitting that the state’s predictive model showed hospitalization in that range, he said. Curfew For most of the state next week.

California Secretary of Health and Welfare Dr. Mark Garry said he was concerned that even the ad hoc “population” capability unit “from the end of the month to the beginning of January” would run out of rooms throughout the state. .. Correspondingly, he said, the state is updating its planning guide on how hospitals provide ration care if no one receives the treatment they need.

“Our goal is to make sure that these plans are in place, but we strive to avoid having to do them anywhere in California,” says Ghaly.

Temporarily increase staff, open temporary hospitals in gymnasiums, tents, vacant NBA arenas, and send patients to areas of the state where valuable beds may remain. I want to achieve it.Officials said residents could still play their greatest role Skip holiday gatherings Take precautions to slow the spread.

California is much that Worst surge in cases and hospitalization.. All of Southern California and the 12 counties to the north of San Joaquin Valley have lost their normal ICU capacity for several days. These two regions are the regions where Newsum said it is likely to extend home orders. This means that many businesses need to remain closed, restaurants can only offer takeaway, and virtually all retail stores are limited to 20% capacity.

In California, there are an average of about 44,000 new cases per day, with 525,000 in the last two weeks. It is estimated that 12% of people who test positive will eventually go to the hospital. This means 63,000 hospitalizations from cases in the last 14 days. The current number is 17,190.

Los Angeles County is one of the hardest hit areas in the state, but the hospital isn’t there yet, said Dr. Christina Garry, director of health services at Los Angeles County, on Monday. They are in an unforeseen situation. This means moving staff and equipment.

“You’re doing something you can’t do otherwise-cancellation of surgery, reassignment of staff, and its nature,” said Gary, wife of the state health director. “It creates a heavy burden. It’s tiring for staff, but hospitals can do this by relocating the resources they have as much as possible.”

But without a rapid change in people’s behavior to stop the spread, she warned, “That’s where we’re heading for the future.”

The explosive growth in incidents over the past six weeks has increased the death toll in California. Newsam warned that daily numbers could be too low due to delays in reporting on regular weekends, but another 83 deaths reported on Sunday increased the total to 22,676.

The state has killed an average of 233 people daily in the last 14 days.

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In California, a surge in coronavirus could result in 100,000 hospitalizations in January, officials said.

Source link In California, a surge in coronavirus could result in 100,000 hospitalizations in January, officials said.

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