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In defending abortion law, Abbott vows to ‘eliminate rape’ – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-08 11:52:06 –

Texas Governor Greg Abbott eliminated all abortions six weeks later, including those due to rape-related pregnancies, by pledged to “eliminate all rape criminals from the city of Texas” on Tuesday. Defended the new state law.

The controversial law came into effect last week after the Supreme Court chose not to block it while the court was arranging its legality. Only two weeks after the fetal heartbeat is detected and without menstruation, all abortions are banned before many women know that they are pregnant.

The new law makes no exception to pregnancy due to rape or incest.

on Tuesday, Reporter asked Abbott Why rape and incest victims should be forced to become pregnant to maturity.

Abbott argued that the law did not require women to give birth, citing the fact that abortion was still allowed before the fetal heartbeat was detected.

He then promised to crack down on rapists as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

“Let’s clarify something. Rape is a crime. Texas is tireless to eliminate all rape criminals from the city of Texas by actively going out, arresting, prosecuting and expelling the city. I will do my best, “said Mr. Abbott. .. “Texas’ primary goal is to eliminate rape so that neither women nor people are victims of rape.”

Abbott’s comments have gathered criticism from law opponents, including Amy Jones, CEO of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

“Sure, it’s our mission statement to strive to end sexual violence. That’s why we exist, but we’re also very aware that it’s an ambitious goal. Yes, I believe this is a preventable crime. If it were so easy, rape wouldn’t exist anymore, “Jones said. Associated Press.

During his appearance on CNN on Tuesday, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-New York) said Abbott’s comments were “disgusting” and often the legal system handles the complexity of all rape cases. Claimed not to be equipped to do.

“These aren’t just predators walking down the street at night. They’re people’s uncles, teachers, and family friends,” Ocasio Cortez told CNN. “When that happens, first of all, it takes a very long time for the victims to come forward, and secondly, when the victims come forward, they are not necessarily their own. They don’t want to bring the case into the imprisonment system. They don’t want to hurt themselves again by going to court. “

The Justice Department has found that most rapes are not reported to police. 2019 survey It was found that one in three victims reported rape or sexual assault.

In defending abortion law, Abbott vows to ‘eliminate rape’ Source link In defending abortion law, Abbott vows to ‘eliminate rape’

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