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In Kentucky Derby stunner, an Edmond connection: Rick Dawson’s gamble shocks racing world – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Edmond’s owner, Rick Dawson, is holding the Kentucky Derby trophy following a spectacular victory for Rich Strike at Churchill Downs. (Provided photo)

Traditional knowledge is that horses like the Rich Strike don’t even run in the Kentucky Derby and don’t even run away with a victory.

A jockey who has never won a big stakes race will not win the historic Churchill Downs on the biggest day of the season. Owners with less than 10 careers will not appear in the winner’s circle after the Kentucky Derby.

But Rich Strike, jockey Sony Leon, and now legendary horse owner Edmond Rick Dawson proved on Saturday that it might be best to bet on traditional knowledge.

oneThe biggest upset in racing historyWhat happened in the Kentucky Derby this yearRich Strike shocked the establishmentBy overtaking everyone and winning the first leg of this year’s Triple Crown series.

Those who bet $ 2 to win a rich strike (a horse that raced at nearly 81-1 odds) earned $ 163.60 in return. For Jockey Leon, trainer Eric Reed, and owner Dawson, the results were life-changing.

About 30 minutes after the derby, Dawson rhetorically asked the listener, “What planet is this?”

Edmond, who owns and races horses as Red TR-Racing, is a semi-retired oil and gas businessman. According to a news release, he has been the owner for only a few years and counts Rich Strike as his only active horse.

Dawson said he was interested in owning a horse during a fact-finding mission with another prominent breeder and owner in Oklahoma.

“I came across Everett Dobson (c. 2015-16) at Oak Tree National (golf club) in Edmond and began to choose his mind about owning a horse,” Dawson said. “I’ve always loved going to the track. I’ve been doing that for 30-40 years. There’s a big thrill in racing. I enjoy handicap, studying and betting problem solving (so) I thought it was time to own a horse. “

After Saturday, the planet probably feels a little different from Dawson. And in most of Saturday’s races, a 3-year-old foal, far closer to the last place than the first, made it all happen.

Rich Strike participated in the race because he was lucky.

Good luck for him, bad luck for another. The Kentucky Derby cannot have more than 20 horses on the field. Rich Strike was 21st on the list. If one of the 20 qualified horses did not scratch from the race by 9am on Friday, the Rich Strike derby plan would have ended.

I got a call on Friday at 8:45 am. There are no scratches. Reed sent a text to her father saying “it didn’t happen.” Security guards working in the barn and protecting the Rich Strike were sent home. Instead, it was planned to run a rich strike at a race in New York this week.

Around that time, another horse, Ethereal Road, was pulled away from the race. Reed received another call at 8:55 to keep the Rich Strike stationary, and a minute or two later in official terms.

They were in.

How did the Rich Strike win?

Think of a horse like a race car. There is a finite amount of fuel in the tank. The faster you burn the fuel, the faster the tank will be emptied. And that’s exactly what happened in the Kentucky Derby.

Summer Is Tomorrow was the leader after a quarter mile, or two furlongs. He covered that distance in 21.78 seconds. This is the fastest time in Kentucky Derby history. No horse can maintain that pace for 11/4 miles. And Summer Is Tomorrow finished 64 1/2 from the rich strike and finally finished in the field of 20 horses.

Summer wasn’t just tomorrow. Many horses ran at a blazing pace as so many trainers and jockeys decided that it was best to get close to the lead in the opening part of the race.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that this would be a wild finish came when track announcer Larry Colms temporarily stopped his rundown of where he was on the field at 0.5 miles.

“The first 0.5 miles — WHOA! — Very fast, 45.36 seconds,” says Collums.

Those fuel tanks emptied much faster than expected.

At that half mile, the rich strike was ahead of just two horses. He was sitting in 18th place.

As the race continued, he ran by some, and some-as the race says-just stopped. They simply ran out of gas. In other words, their sprint initially evolved into a slow gallop.

Meanwhile, Rich Strike had a lot of fuel left and he was near the rails.

In home stretch, most of the competing horses were spread across the track. Riding on the Rich Strike, Leon turned a little to the right, evading the last race leader and jumping towards the rails to finish his historic run. It was as if no one had seen him come.

But they finally saw him, and it was all important.

“I never felt that life was limiting what you could do,” Dawson said after the race. “I never believed it. I always thought,” I’m as smart as the next person. Maybe I can understand it, maybe I You may not be able to do that, “but I always kept trying. And I’m here. “

In Kentucky Derby stunner, an Edmond connection: Rick Dawson’s gamble shocks racing world Source link In Kentucky Derby stunner, an Edmond connection: Rick Dawson’s gamble shocks racing world

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