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The road to citizenship has been amended in the latest version of the Buildback Better Act, a key legislative part of President Joe Biden’s agenda, with parliamentary caucuses and immigrant advocates of about 6.5 million. We still welcome protection from deportation that is expected to affect undocumented migrants.

In the House of Commons spending bill, the Democratic Party included a third iteration of the immigration plan in the Build Back Better Act. Earlier versions of the law included the citizenship of certain undocumented immigrants, such as those brought to the country as children, essential workers, agricultural workers, and those with temporary protection status. The way to was included. The provision was removed from the bill following a ruling by a member of the Senate.

At a press conference on Monday, Democratic Party Rep. Raul Ruiz, who chairs a 38-member caucuse, instead proposes a parole program that provides temporary protection for deportation, a five-year work permit, and a driver’s license. I explained that I did. To qualified undocumented immigrants who have passed the background check.

Driver’s licenses are available in states such as Arizona that are not currently issued to undocumented residents. A driver’s license is required to meet the federal requirements for identification at domestic airports. This allows immigrants to travel by plane without fear of encountering the Federal Immigration Bureau.

The budget law immigration plan version that has passed the House of Representatives applies to people living in the United States without immigration status who arrived in the United States before January 1, 2011. They must also meet certain criteria related to criminal records. The current requirements for the child arrival deferral program are stated by lawyer Ray Ibarra Maldonado: Commentary video posted on Facebook..

For months, immigrant advocates have urged federal lawmakers to pass on millions of citizenships during this year’s budget adjustment process.

Juliana Macedo de Nasimento of United We Dreams, an organization advocating immigration reform, said the group will continue to put pressure on the Senate.

“This is far from the relief our immigrant community deserves, it’s not what they promised us, but we know it will change our lives. The battle is over. No. (Democrats) can fulfill their promise of the road to citizenship, “she said.

Lewis said the version of the bill What the House approved last week Reduces childcare, medical and housing costs for most Americans. He said universally subsidized kindergartens and expanded child tax credits would help Americans at the mercy of the recession caused by the pandemic.

U.S. Secretary of Health and Welfare Xavier Becerra, who also spoke at the press call, explained that the plan would be paid in full by raising taxes on high-income earners and businesses. He said the plan was intended to benefit people like his parents, families like him.

“My dad was engaged in crop harvesting and road construction, and my mother worked in a hospital office. They never made a lot, but they worked a lot.” Said Besera. “We are investing in families who want to give them more.”

United We Dream explained that undocumented children can also apply for an extended child tax credit under the Build Back Better using their personal taxpayer identification number. Immigrants who are not authorized to work in the United States use the ITIN to file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service. Currently, a Social Security number is required to be eligible for payment and under the BBB it will be $ 250 or $ 300 per month depending on the age of the child.

Lewis urged the Senate to maintain immigration provisions to create a parole program for millions of undocumented immigrants and to expand plans to provide a path to citizenship.

The law faces a difficult and long way — And some possible changes — In an evenly divided Senate, Democrats need all votes at caucuses for a bill to reach Biden’s desk.

The Senate uses a legislative procedure known as budget adjustment. This allows Democrats to avoid the 60-vote threshold needed to break the Republican filibuster.

At a press conference on Friday with U.S. Transport Secretary Pete Butigeg in Phoenix, Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly did not promise to uphold the Buildback Better Act passed in the House of Representatives. He said he would continue to negotiate the plan.

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In lieu of path to citizenship, advocates cheer immigration reforms in spending bill | News Source link In lieu of path to citizenship, advocates cheer immigration reforms in spending bill | News

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