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For the last 15 years Faculty of Anthropology Associate Professor Danielle Macdonald Spent her summer to do an archaeological excavation in Jordan. However, due to the implementation of travel restrictions by COVID-19, the summer of 2020 remained in Oklahoma, relying on a completely different research approach.

Professor Danielle Macdonald

McDonald’s, currently working on a project funded by the National Science Foundation, planned to spend the summer in Amman, the capital of Jordan. She joined a master’s student in anthropology, Audra Whitehurse, along with a collaborator at the University of California, Berkeley, to analyze relics recovered during the previous excavation season in the hunter-gatherer community. Karane IV..

“Our research at Kharaneh IV aims to understand the changing interactions between humans and the environment with social organizations at the entrance to agriculture,” McDonald explained. “We are focusing on investigating the behavior of hunter-gatherers during a period of great change 20,000 years ago.”

Archeology in the Age of Epidemics

Audra White Hearth sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor while wearing a COVID-19 face mask
Audra White Hearth

McDonald’s plan had to be adapted because he couldn’t travel abroad. Thankfully, the two project collaborators are Jordanian archaeologists Abdal-Hebashan and Ahmad Thaher, who are not bound by the same travel restrictions. Alhebashan and Taha were able to continue working while the US project members were at home.

With project director McDonald’s Lisa Meagher (UC Berkeley) planned an analysis schedule, identified which archaeological context needed to be analyzed first, and set al-Hebashan and Thaher to work on the material. “Thanks to Facebook Messenger, I was able to keep in touch and chat with my Jordanian colleagues on a regular basis. Learn what they were discovering during the analysis, identify mysterious artifacts, and ask questions. Helps to answer. “

Professor Danielle Macdonald and three others in an archaeological hole in the Jordanian desert
Fieldwork in Jordan (Summer 2019)

Meanwhile, returning to Tulsa, McDonald’s also spent time developing MA projects related to the site, working with White Haas to create the results. “We are using the abundant pile of man-made objects found at Kharaneh IV to carefully assess the role of shell beads in the lives of hunter-gatherers in the region,” explained Whitehurse.

The core of Whitehurse’s research involves the creation of experimental beads. Lithic Technology and Microware Laboratories: “One of my favorite things about anthropology is how this field encourages us to understand the past by creating objects using what we believe to be ancient customs. . “

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