In St. Paul, school food truck serves up hot meals to kids this summer

2022-06-29 22:15:26 –

A food truck arrived at Roy Wilkins Park in St. Paul’s North End on Wednesday, and even before the window opened, mom asked, “What are you doing today?”

I got a reply saying “Cheeseburger”.

Until this summer, St. Paul’s Public School was a food truck that ran around the city, serving harsh cold dishes such as sandwiches and salads. But this is a new truck that offers a hot diet with an emphasis on nutrition, and in the case of cheeseburgers, it means a low-sodium burger with whole wheat bread.

The national school system participates in a federal-sponsored summer diet program each year, when the appeal of fast food and soda becomes established or when some students are unable to go due to family reasons. , Children have access to a free and healthy diet.

St. Paul offers 50 permanent sites where children under the age of 18 or over the age of 18 with disabilities can eat without enrollment for children enrolled in the school program.However Like minneapolisHas both a food truck and a food bath, St. Paul It’s also mobileAnd there is chef Ricardo Abbott, who designs popular food truck dishes such as tacos, bowls and gyros.

“I think he probably visited some (food trucks),” said Lin Broberg, assistant director of nutrition services at St. Paul, on Wednesday. “Of course, it’s all for research.”

Abbott is one of seven departmental employees depicted on the side of the truck as a cartoon superhero. He is painted in his hand with a purple cloak and spatula. The truck cost $ 289,720, with a $ 100,000 grant from the Cargill Foundation, $ 1,695 in community donations, and $ 188,025 in nutrition services.

Trucks stop 15 times a week, and Lake Farren’s beaches attract about 50 people a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon, Broberg said. Roy Wilkins Park’s turnout was low, but the program is still in its second week, and nutrition service staff will visit Splash Pad when they’re busy spreading the word, she said.

Derrick Van, 14, found a sign there and had his first meal on Wednesday. He was looking forward to a cheeseburger and an oven-baked steak fry.

He said he was planning to return again. The truck will roll until August 19th.

On Thursday, the USDA will end its pandemic era practice of allowing districts to offer free meals during the school year. St. Paul will continue to provide free meals to all students in 36 poor schools this year with a $ 1.7 million general fund.

When asked if the district should pay for a free lunch for students in affluent families, Broberg said that families who are not eligible for a free or discounted lunch may still struggle from time to time. It is attached to those who qualify for a free lunch, often stating that they are stigmatized.

“By making it available to everyone for free, we can reduce or eliminate the stigma of being a lunch program for poor children, because it’s now a lunch program that everyone can enjoy.” She says.

There are 28 other schools in St. Paul that are not eligible for the Universal Free Lunch Program. Free breakfast is available to everyone there, but students whose households are not eligible for free or disqualification will be charged for lunch.

For more information on where to get your free lunch at St. Paul this summer, please visit: spps.org/summermeals..

In St. Paul, school food truck serves up hot meals to kids this summer Source link In St. Paul, school food truck serves up hot meals to kids this summer

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