In the first 48 hours of reopening, approximately 16,000 trans-Pacific travelers will arrive in Hawaii. – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-10-18 01:00:02 –

Honolulu (KHON2) —Two days after the state reopened as a trans-Pacific visitor, passenger arrivals far exceeded what Hawaii has seen in recent months.

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The numbers are still well below-the state’s average daily arrivals of 30,000 in 2019.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Board, 7,853 people arrived from the mainland on Friday. Most of them were visitors, and about 1,300 were returnees.

The total number of trans-Pacific travelers to Hawaii on Thursday was more than 8,200.

Approximately 3,200 travelers arriving in the first 48 hours had to be quarantined because they were either waiting for pre-travel test results or opting out of the state’s pre-test program.

On Saturday, about 1,100 of the 3,200 people were released after receiving a negative test result.

The first 72 hours of resumption made many feel uneasy.

Senator Donovan de la Cruz, chair of the COVID-19 Senate Special Committee, said: “We really need more supervision at the airport. There are quite a few people around the baggage claim and people aren’t practicing social distance.”

A Maui resident told a visitor with a suitcase to wear a mask in public. She returned with abusive remarks.

“At some point, you’re tired of talking to them, you know, you do, but you don’t,” explained Jeririn. “You just keep trying to educate them, they don’t want to educate. We are not law enforcement agencies.”

Delacruz said more needs to be done to inform visitors and returnees of state and county rules.

“I think a lot of people need training, and they know how to deal appropriately with the situation so that they can prevent all kinds of infections when dealing with visitors and customers. “I will.” He said. “The concern is that we don’t receive the message because we don’t have enforcement capabilities right now. Under supervision, that’s not happening. What is our testing strategy and full contact tracing strategy? Some people are still uncertain and feel they are taking risks. Some schools haven’t opened yet. “

Senator Delacruz said he wasn’t against the reopening, but many of his voters told him: “If you’re going to open it, make sure everything else is in place. Many people are again illegal to make sure they can quarantine, whether it’s a second test or not. I’m worried about Airbnb and rent a car from various apps and online, so we really needed to focus on execution. “

Angela Keane, who has helped law enforcement to catch the quarantine breaker, said something needed to be done immediately. Otherwise, there may be conflicts between visitors and residents.

“By next week, we predict that if social distance education in this mask is not provided for tourists, locals and tourists will be involved in the conflict,” she said. It was.

Senator Delacruz is unsure whether all hotels have issued one-time keys to those who are supposed to quarantine, and whether law enforcement is ready to request evidence of pre-testing. Said.

“There’s a lot that needs to be followed up. I don’t know if it’s still scattered across all T’s and all I’s,” he said.

Thousands of people arrive every day, according to Keane, so more people are paying attention, but using the Safe Travels app to find out who took the test and who didn’t. This makes the work a little easier.

“It’s a concern now that more people are participating in the quarantine than when the state was closed,” she explained. “If the hotel manager knows because it might be, if the resident sees something suspicious. All he needs is a name. That’s it. And I confirm it with the Attorney General’s office. You can and they will tell me. “

She said the best way to monitor travelers who opted out of pre-travel tests is at the quarantine hotel recommended by state auditors last week.

“It’s the only way to avoid breaking the quarantine,” Keane explained. “They are not a risk to others, they are contained, and they have the medical services they need.”

She said vacation rentals, which are currently illegal on Oahu, need to be further enforced.

“If a visitor has something, we want to spread it to grocery stores and neighborhoods and go to neighborhoods where God forbids talking to neighbors in the community. No. It shouldn’t be there. They should only be in tourist areas for now, “she said.

The state recommends that people wear masks, stay socially distant, and wash their hands, but not enough for thousands of arriving passengers who are unfamiliar with state and county rules. Some people insist.

“I’m worried that Thanksgiving will bring us back to a complete blockade again,” said Jerilyn.

She said she was worried because it wasn’t too far socially while waiting for hundreds of visitors to be confirmed in long lines at Kahului Airport.

“People weren’t two feet apart. Some people have masks, others don’t. Obviously from the moment they get off the plane, they don’t even have a social distance. It’s a guard, Airport staff, you know, you’re being watched over what you have. What do you think they’re going to do when they’re not seen? “She said.

Senator Delacruz encourages people to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers until further steps are taken to inform all arriving passengers of state and county rules.

“Stay in your bubble and stay really focused in your bubble so you can protect others,” he said.

He said the COVID-19 Commission had attempted to meet with the Ministry of Health for the past few weeks, but DOH postponed the meeting “for quite some time.” “We are anxious to come back because they are telling us that quite a few members are asking for an answer. We want to be back soon. I will. “

He also added that the COVID-19 Commission will also be on a tour of John A. Burns School of Medicine, which has set up a test lab in partnership with the city and county of Honolulu.

He said he is in contact with the Queen’s Medical Center and other healthcare providers so that they can better assess what is happening and how they can improve the situation.

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