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In the review, top FDA scientists question the urgent need for booster shots

Federal health officials say one of the reasons for announcing the booster program is to prepare for the virus ahead of the virus, which may not be able to protect against severe cases of Covid-19. .. These officials, including Dr. Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony S. Forch, rely heavily on data presented by Israeli authorities, who defend the country’s early aggressive booster campaigns. I’ve been doing it.

According to Dr. Forch and other government officials, their data show a clear decline in immunity to infections with enhanced protection from booster doses, but a decline in immunity to hospitalization in people under the age of 65. Only hints are shown.

But in a new review, Dr. Klaus, Dr. Gruber, and other vaccine experts need more time, open debate, and better research to determine if the general population needs booster immunity. I said there is. They also said that any benefits Shot might offer would not outweigh the benefits of using them to protect billions of unvaccinated people around the world.

who Asked Wealthy countries postpone the administration of additional injections to healthy patients at least until the end of the year as a way to allow all countries to vaccinate at least 40% of their population. Scientists warned that everyone who is not vaccinated offers the opportunity for the virus to transform into new, potentially dangerous variants.

However, the authors of the review said additional shots may be useful for some people with a weak immune system — a step in the FDA. Already approved..

“As more information becomes available, it may initially provide evidence that boosting is needed in some subpopulations,” they wrote. “But these high stakes decisions should be based on peer-reviewed, publicly available data and strong international scientific debate.”

They largely denied Israeli data and other studies stating that some health officials claimed additional imminent shots. They said that some of the Israeli evidence was collected only a week after the third dose and may not last up over time, saying, “Very short-term protective effects are not always worth the long-term. It does not mean a positive benefit. “

In the review, top FDA scientists question the urgent need for booster shots

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